Starba's mystery drink which is a blend of green apple frozen and blue shiso, sencha, and yam. What kind of taste is 'Tibana Frozen tea fragrant sencha x green apple'?

' Frozen tea fragrant sencha x green apple ' has appeared since June 12, 2019 in Starbucks's 'Tibana', which produces 'an unprecedented TEA experience' from the combination of taste and aroma. The combination of “Sencha” and “Frozen with apple compote with Italian green apple” sounds like summer, but why is it a combination that is too novel and added with large leaf, yam, peppermint, “What kind of taste is it? I went to Starbucks to see if it is ...?

TivarnaTM Frozen Tea Fragrant Sencha × Green Apple | Starbucks Coffee Japan

[New product information] Tibana Frozen tea fragrant sencha × green apple | Starbucks Coffee Japan

Arrive at Starbucks.

There were hand-drawn signs at the store to announce the appearance of the new drinks.

In about 3 minutes from the order, I received the tall size of 'Tibana Frozen tea fragrant sencha x green apple'. As frozen is also included, a thick dedicated straw was handed over at the same time.

When you open the lid, you will see a white frozen float on the ice green tea.

When I drank ice green tea, I could feel the full flavor of Sencha and Matcha, which is the base, but there was almost no astringency or bitterness peculiar to green tea. The flavors of Ooba and Yamato that are blended in green tea are small claims and do not feel the taste or smell so clearly, but in the aftertaste, the smell of mint passes through the mouth to the nose, and a refreshing and refreshing aftertaste Is directing.

The frozen ice made of fine ice is fluffy ...

Some contain apple

compote that used Italian granny smith . Because the fresh smell of this green apple is familiar to the whole float, I could feel the elegant and gorgeous smell of green tea and the fruity flavor at the same time by inserting the straw into the frozen drink.

Furthermore, the flavor with a citrus feeling is positive when the paste containing frozen paste enters the mouth. The crisp acidity gives a refreshing feel to the drink, so you can enjoy a variety of fruity aromas and green tea with a clean, crisp taste at the same time, and it is finished as an ice drink that you can drink extremely when it's hot Yes.

The “Tibara Frozen Tea fragrant Sencha x Green Apple” has a short size of 450 yen, a tall size of 490 yen, a grand size of 530 yen and a venti size of 570 yen.

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