I drank Starbucks 'GABURI Watermelon Frappuccino', which has a refreshing taste with a great combination of fresh watermelon flavor and Frappuccino's crispy texture

`` GABURI Watermelon Frappuccino ' ', which combines watermelon juice with a sauce containing dragon fruit pulp and passion fruit juice, and also adds sweet and sour kiwifruit pulp, will be sold at Starbucks nationwide for a limited time from August 9, 2023 (Wednesday). It has been. It is said that it is finished in Frappuccino where you can enjoy the sweetness and freshness of watermelon, so I actually drank it to see what it tasted like.

Watermelon flavored Frappuccino® for the first time at Starbucks nationwide! 'GABURI Watermelon Frappuccino®' will be released from Wednesday, August 9 | Starbucks Coffee Japan

Arrived at Starbucks.

At the shop front, the appearance of 'GABURI Watermelon Frappuccino' was appealing.

I immediately ordered 'GABURI Watermelon Frappuccino'. Available size is Tall only.

On top of the whipped cream, 'watermelon salt', which is a combination of watermelon juice and salt, is topped.

The red Frappuccino reminiscent of watermelon is based on watermelon juice and is said to be a blend of sauce containing dragon fruit pulp and passion fruit juice.

The green kiwi fruit pulp accumulates at the bottom, and the combination of red and green is reminiscent of a sliced watermelon.

When you actually drink it, the fresh watermelon flavor and the crunchy texture of Frappuccino combine to make you feel as if you are really eating watermelon. The fleshy feeling of dragon fruit and sweet and sour kiwi fruit are also moderate accents, making it a perfect frappuccino for summer where you can enjoy a refreshing fruit feeling from beginning to end.

``GABURI Watermelon Frappuccino'' will be sold at Starbucks nationwide for a limited time from August 9 (Wednesday) to August 31 (Thursday), 2023. The size offered is Tall only, and the price is 678 yen including tax for takeout and 690 yen including tax for in-store dining.

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