It is pointed out that social connection weakens and people who remember chronic loneliness increase at epidemic level


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People are the animals that form a society and live, and need to interact with others as well as themselves. However, overseas media SmartBerief points out that, in recent years, people who lose their social connections and suffer from chronic loneliness are increasing 'on the same level as epidemic' throughout the society.

America's loneliness epidemic: A hidden systematic risk to organizations | SmartBrief

From a biological point of view, the first thing that human beings need is social connections. According to the research so far, 'social severance' to break social connections is ' deterioration of cognitive ability ' ' deterioration of self-management ability such as increase of smoking and alcohol intake ' ' health condition by low level self-evaluation ' It has been pointed out that it may lead to deterioration, ' drug abuse, depression, and suicidal ideation .'

In addition, research has also been reported that as employees become more lonely, tasks, team roles, and relational performance decline. On the other hand, it is not always true that social ties will become stronger as the position within the organization gets higher. According to a survey conducted in 2012, about half of the CEOs feel loneliness and 61% think that they are hindering business results.


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And, Cigna , a leading health insurance company, has reported 'data that chronic solitude has reached epidemic levels in the United States.' The data is based on a survey of more than 20,000 Americans aged 18 and over, and found that 46% of the total spends much time alone. In addition, 27% of the respondents say that they rarely have their own understanding or do not at all, and 43% of the respondents feel that there is no point in establishing a relationship with others. . In addition, it is said that there were many young generations of 18 to 22 years old who complained of loneliness in particular.

SmartBerief states that “these data show that people who feel alone are increasing at epidemic level,” and it is consistent with the analysis on the relationship between social isolation / loneliness and potential public health. It is the content. (PDF file) In the research on youth, it is said that 'the time taken by electronic devices such as smartphones and PCs loses time, and the time spent on people-to-people relationships decreases and at the same time the sense of well-being decreases' SmartBerief predicts that in the future, with the appearance that machines will play an ever greater role in everyday life, the ability to connect with others may diminish further.

by Nicolas Nova

Companies and organizations promote a socially connected culture, such as providing structure and psychological and social support to encourage employees to actively participate and teamwork, minimize stress and reduce errors. SmartBerief stated that it should be done intentionally to develop and maintain.

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