People who actively worked on extracurricular activities at the university, the foundation for social workers is higher

Every day Comnet Inc. investigated and it seems that people who have extracurricular activity experience (club / circle experience) in college age are more willing to encourage others, such as customers and social contribution, to gain appraisal.

Well, if you do not want to communicate with others, you do not bother to go out extracurricular activities, what exactly is it?

Details are as below.
Every day announces a correlation survey between extra-curricular experience experience of comnet, college student and post-employment awareness(PDF file)

This survey was conducted by 1380 young social workers within five years after graduation from university with the cooperation of Professor Hosei University graduate school professor Yasuo Suwa.

Those who actively participate in extracurricular activities are the rate at which a company that gained employment is the primary aspiration company, the rate at which communication is considered to be with the boss, and the rate at which he / she is expected to be expected at the workplace are non- It is higher than the result. And it seems that there is a result that the rate of feeling stress on human relations at work is low.

People who participated in extracurricular activities will increase their appeal points during job hunting activities, so the possibility of working at the primary company of choice seems to rise. Other than that, I do not know how actually it is because it is a consciousness survey, but there may be a tendency that many people who have positive thinking in relation to human relationships are more in the people who have extracurricular experience in college days.

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