What are the benefits of building relationships between new employees immediately after joining the company?

After graduating from school and entering the company, the environment and relationships change drastically, so many people should have had a hard time adapting. A new study shows that new employees who have a relationship with the same person soon after joining the company are faster to learn jobs and have lower turnover rates.

Rookies connected: Interpersonal relationships among newcomers, newcomer adjustment processes, and socialization outcomes.


Bonds between new hires lead to early success

A research team at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Business ranks in the Fortune Global 500 to investigate the impact of 'new hires' rather than 'new hires and bosses' on post-employment performance and turnover. We conducted a study of 189 new employees who joined a large Korean company.

In this study, we investigated how many new employees were connected within and across departments from the orientation before joining the company to four months after joining the company. In addition, he said that he collated the response results with the job performance records and turnover records for the next three years and analyzed what kind of relationship was seen.

As a result of the analysis, the research team discovered that there is an inverted U-shaped correlation between the connections between new employees built within the department and the clarification of their roles in work. The research team said that the clarity of the role was positively correlated with job satisfaction and performance of new employees, and negatively correlated with turnover. On the other hand, it seems that the connection between new employees across departments did not have a significant relationship with the improvement of clarity of roles.

In addition, another survey focusing on the interaction with synchronization among students who entered the master's program in the United States also found similar results. Associate Professor Betty Zhou , the lead author of the research paper, said, 'It would be more beneficial for new employees to focus on knowing new employees in the unit first.' 'At least in the time frame we investigated, outside the unit. The connection did not bring any special benefits. '

Two surveys found an inverted U-shaped relationship in clarifying the connections and roles of new employees and new students, and found that it is important for newcomers to build a well-balanced relationship with their peers. bottom. Zhou said the findings suggest that new employees gaining conversation partners and learning partners can help them learn new positions, arguing that companies should invest their time in new employee orientation. doing.

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