We know when the shipment of Microsoft's large screen terminal 'Surface Hub 2S' is known, and function is further enhanced by the optional cartridge installation

Although Microsoft has released the

Microsoft Surface series, a group of products including tablet PCs, in 2015 we released the Surface Hub, a large-screen device such as flat-screen TVs and white boards. The latest version of Surface Hub, which is said to change the future of conferences and remote work, ' Surface Hub 2 ', will be released in two stages with the terminal itself and the cartridge for upgrade, from June 2019 It is announced that ' Surface Hub 2S ' will be released as the first of Surface Hub 2 .

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The Surface Hub is a thin, large screen terminal equipped with Windows 10. It can be touched with a finger or written like a whiteboard using a stylus pen. Of course, you can use various software that runs on Windows 10, and you can also work in cooperation with a terminal owned by an individual.

You can see the following movie to see what kind of terminal the Surface Hub 2S, which has been announced for June 2019, is a terminal.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 hands-on: a $ 9K PC on wheels

In June 2019, Microsoft, which has been developing large screen terminals, announced that it is planning to release a large screen terminal named Surface Hub 2S.

At first glance it looks like a flat-screen TV, but it is equipped with the latest Windows 10 and can run software that you use at work.

The Surface Hub 2S is a 50-inch display with an aspect ratio of 3: 2 and weighs approximately 28 kg.

Achieves 4K resolution at 3840 x 2560 pixels. It is possible to operate the screen with a touch or stylus pen ...

The speaker is also integrated in the body. The bezel is only 15.5 mm.

A removable 4K camera is included at the top.

The overall thickness of the unit is 60% thinner than the previous model's Surface Hub.

In addition, the Surface Hub 2S has a dedicated stand.

You can use the stand to move the Surface Hub 2S from room to room.

In addition, the stand can be equipped with a dedicated battery sold separately, so you can use the Surface Hub 2S for 2 hours without connecting to a power supply.

The Surface Hub 2S writes notes like a whiteboard ...

You can use a variety of software, and you can achieve a wide range of things you need for work and meetings.

The stylus is designed to stick to the side of the screen.

By using the Surface Hub 2S, collaboration in the workplace will be significantly improved.

In addition, following the release of the Surface Hub 2S, Microsoft plans to release a new processor cartridge in 2020.

Cartridges loaded with CPU, RAM, GPU, and new software to be realized in the future can be easily installed on the back of the Surface Hub 2S, and the performance of the terminal can be significantly updated. By setting the cartridge in the Surface Hub 2S, it seems that the performance as the 'Surface Hub 2' can be fully realized.

The Surface Hub 2 with the cartridge set rotates the screen and ...

It corresponds to the connection of multiple screens.

The Surface Hub 2S will be shipped to the United States from June 2019.

The monitor for the Surface Hub 2S is $ 8,999 ($ 1 million), the dedicated stand is $ 1,449 ($ 160,000), the battery is $ 1,400 (approximately $ 157,000), and the processor cartridge price is It is undecided. The total amount of Surface Hub 2 including accessories is expected to exceed $ 12,000 (approximately ¥ 1,350,000).

In addition, Microsoft seems to be developing the 85-inch model of the Surface Hub 2, and it seems that the aspect ratio of the display is 16: 9 unlike the 50-inch model. The 85-inch model is scheduled to be shipped in 2020, and the sales price is undecided at the time of writing.

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