We have eaten 'Chicken Spicy Curry' which can be enjoyed at the same time the chicken that combines the softness and the juicyness of Yoshinoya and the 27 kinds of spices at the same time.

The “ spicy curry ” with plenty of 27 different spices from Yoshinoya and “ Chicken Spicy Curry ” with chicken topped with chicken breast meat with specially made Tandoori sauce are on display. I have actually eaten and checked what kind of 'spicy' it is with curry mixed with 27 kinds of spices.

Yoshinoya, sale of spicy curry from April 18 (Thu) Chicken topping with real curry special Tandoori sauce where the spicy and spicy taste with two hidden flavors and crispness is first appearance.


Arrive at Yoshinoya.

Chicken Spicy curry was sold in the store.

' Chicken spicy curry ' (tax-included 550 yen) arrives in a few minutes when we order.

The chicken breast meat topped on top of the rice is covered with specially made Tandoori sauce.

When eating only chicken, it is quite juicy with a texture that combines softness and bite response. The specially made Tandoori sauce has a strong saltiness, so it may be supposed to eat with rice.

Spicy curry is a complex taste of 27 different spices mixed in that it doesn't have a specific spice to feel noticeable, but it's so spicy it's greasy and greasy as you eat. It is that apple and ginger are used as a secret taste, and it may be the sweetness of apple that the sweetness is felt in the spicyness. When spicy curry and chicken were eaten together, the texture of the Tandoori sauce and the texture and taste of the chicken added an accent to the curry.

On the other hand, ' spicy curry ' (tax-included 350 yen) has no ingredients, only curry and rice.

When I try to eat it, the spicy curry is slightly sweeter, probably because it does not contain the Tandoori sauce that was on the chicken. However, as the food went on, the body of the curry and the spicy taste spread slowly in the mouth, and this was also a menu that the body would warm up.

Chicken Spicy Curry and Spicy Curry are available from April 18, 2019 for a limited time at Yoshinoyas in Japan, excluding some stores.

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