Disney's unique streaming service 'Disney +' shows all Disney movies

by Kenrick Mills

Robert Eiger said the Disney + streaming service that Disney starts from the latter half of 2019 will become a viewable whole past Disney movie library. In Disney work, a marketing strategy that limits the development period of Blu - ray and DVD has been adopted, but that practice will be broken.

Disney Plus streaming to include "entire Disney motion picture library" - Polygon

According to the news site · Polygon, Disney's Robert Eiger attended the investor meeting held in St. Louis. Disney told that there is a strategy called " Disney Bolt " "to limit the sales period of Blu-ray for home and DVD and keep it in" safe "so to speak, so to speak" "Disney +" starting from the second half of 2019, revealed that all the Disney movies released in the past are included in the library.

Introducing Disney +

In "Disney +", it is decided that "Star Wars" series and "Marvel · Cinematic Universe" series will be delivered in addition to Disney's animation movies.

Disney's own streaming service launch, Star Wars series and Marvel · Cinematic · Universe work etc are not viewable on Netflix - GIGAZINE

In addition, Star Wars spin-off new work "The Mandalorian" will also be delivered.

"There are plans to deliver the Star Wars spin-off new series with Disney's proprietary streaming service," Disney CEO reveals - GIGAZINE

"Disney +" has been given considerable power only to those which CEO of Eiger declared as " top priority project ", and as for the new movie to be released in the future also planned to participate in the library in about one year from the theatrical release . For example, Eiger CEO said that " Captain · Marvel " released in March, 2019 is scheduled to be delivered within 2019.

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