I tried to moisten the dry office with the corresponding powerful humidifier 'Panasonic FE-KXP 23' up to 64 tatami mats

It is important to keep the indoor humidity moderate so as not to catch a cold in the winter season that tends to drift. However, when humidifying a large room such as a living room, it is insufficient with a general humidifier Sometimes. Even at GIGAZINE editorial department, even in old-fashioned humidifiers, running humidity all day does not cause humidity to exceed 30%. If this is not possible, we introduced a large humidifier " Panasonic FE - KXP 23 " that can cover 64 tatami (about 106 square meters), and tried what would happen if we made it fully movable.

FE-KXP 23 / FE-KXP 20 | humidifier | Panasonic

Looking at the following movie, you can see that "FE - KXP 23" is actually running while blowing the wind.

When switching the wind volume of powerful humidifier "Panasonic FE-KXP 23" corresponding to 64 tatami from weak → medium → strong → turbo, it becomes like this

◆ The appearance review "FE - KXP 23" arrived in a box like this.

The contents are "FE - KXP 23" main body and instruction manual.

Let's take a closer look at each part of "FE-KXP23". Push in the front panel pawl and pull in front ......

The front panel has come off.

Inside is attached a prefilter that prevents inhalation of dirt etc.

Humidification filter set is located where you removed the panel. "FE - KXP 23" is a "vaporization type" humidifier, which is designed to vaporize this humidifying filter after it is moistened with water.

Turning the stopper and removing the humidifying filter looks like this. According to the instruction manual, it is necessary to wash this humidifying filter once every 3 months.

When removing the humidifying filter, a big fan was attached.

The lower part of the main body is a tray to store tanks that contain water. Push in the pawl and pull it toward you ... ...

There were two tanks in it.

Take out the tank like this. Because 6 liters of water will be in one tank, you can supply a total of 12 liters. In addition, it is necessary to wash this tank and tray every day.

Looking at the tray from which the tank was taken from the back side looks like this.

Since the tray also has a handle, it can be carried.

At the bottom of the tray is a decontamination mold unit installed, it can be removed. In addition to the necessity to wash the bacteria removal mold unit every day, it is necessary to wash it with humidifier detergent or citric acid once every 3 months.

When removing the lid of the mold removal and mold unit, white disinfectant and blue fungicide were contained. The disinfectant and fungicide can be used for 8 hours a day, 2 months when used for 6 months.

The operation panel of "FE - KXP 23" looks something like this.

The panel has a lamp indicating the current humidity indication.

This is a "child lock" button to prevent misoperation. If you press and hold for 3 seconds you will no longer accept operations with buttons. To cancel, press and hold for 3 seconds as well.

By pressing "OFF TIMER" once, you can set a timer to stop the operation of the main unit after 4 hours. When the button is pressed next time, the lamps of 6 hours and 8 hours are lit, and when you press the button again, the timer is canceled.

When the operation time reaches the time required to clean the filter, "Care lamp" will be lit and the operation will be automatically stopped. When cleaning is completed press and hold the "filter" button for 3 seconds to resume operation.

The operation mode of "FE - KXP 23" is roughly divided into two types. When you press the "AUTO" button, it will become "automatic operation mode" and will continue to operate automatically until the specified humidity is reached. Every time you press the button, it switches in the order of "quiet" "auto leave" "plenty".

For "quiet", drive at less than "weak" with a humidity of 40% as a guide.

"Random" operates at "weak to strong" with a humidity of 60% as a guide.

For "plenty" you will drive with "medium" "strong" "turbo" to 60% to 65% humidity.

When you press the "Continuous" button, continuous operation is performed with "weak", "medium", "strong", "turbo" irrespective of humidity. "Weak" means that the humidification is slow instead of the quiet operation sound, "Turbo" is the fastest humidification, the operating sound also increases.

Each of the three lamps informs it when there is an abnormality that requires inspection, "filter installation" when the humidifying filter is not set, and "water supply" lamp when there is no water in the tank .

"Driving off / on" button is a button to start and stop driving.

◆ Use review - I will try using it in practice. First of all, pull out the tray and take out the tank ......

Turn it over and remove the cap.

Pour water.

After putting water in two tanks, return it to the tray and set the tray on the main body.

Plug the power plug into the outlet ... ....

Press the "turn off / on" button. As soon as the button was pressed the preparatory operation began and the wind came out from the air outlet at the top of the main unit.

Press the operation mode button to start humidification. In this time, select "Turbo" which can be humidified most quickly with "continuous operation" button.

It is the movie embedded at the beginning of the article that showed how much difference in the air volume when we made the air volume in order from weak to strong turbo.

Review of a powerful humidifier "Panasonic FE-KXP 23" corresponding to 100 square meters

◆ Results of Use - I actually tried using it in the editing room of GIGAZINE. The size of the editing room is 52 square meters (about 28.7 tatami), and due to ventilation it opens the window a little like this.

This condition monitored the change of humidity from the tank full condition to the tank empty condition under this condition. I used " netatmo " for the monitor. The part of the red frame is the operation time of "FE - KXP 23". Starting at 10:45 am at a humidity of 32%, we started operation for approximately 5 hours until the water supply lamp lights up at around 15:30 and the humidity has risen to 38% at the maximum.

To be honest, I thought that using a humidifier corresponding to 64 tatami mats in a room less than 30 tatami mats would be moist to the extent that it feels like on the skin, but indeed it did not reach that much. When humidity falls below 40% it dries too much in the air and viruses etc in the air become active , while on the other hand it becomes an environment where mildew, ticks etc. breeds if it is too high, it is just not good to rise too much I wonder. Also, assuming use in everyday use, keeping the door open and close without restrictions at all, considering that there was a considerable change of air, maintaining a little less than 40% I can say that I am playing a minimum role if I do it.

"FE - KXP 23" can be purchased on Amazon.jp, and the price is 71,566 yen including tax at the time of article creation.

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