I tried using clothing air washer "RACOOON" to remove the smell and dirt of clothes by the power of air

A palm-sized washing machine "COTON" that smudges with vibration of 700 times per minuteI am sellingHaier AsiaHas launched a new clothing air washer that performs disinfection and deodorization of clothes only by the power of air "RACOOON"is. Since I was able to borrow the real machine of RACOOON before general sale, I actually tried the ability of "washing machine washing with air without using water."

Racooon (Raccoon) Wash in the air. Washing machine | AQUA (Aqua)

RACOOON entered the editorial department into a huge cardboard.

In the cardboard, RACOOON was in a state that it was disassembled.

◆ Assembly
In order to try using RACOOON, we will first assemble it from the hanger table. Insert two "struts A" with screws at the top of the four pillars into the hanger table base and turn it clockwise until it stops.

With the protrusion of the column joint on the back side ... ...

Insert it on top of strut A.

Insert two "struts B" into the column joint, and turn it until it stops.

Then take out the clothes bag and take out the screw ... ...

Insert it into the top of the support, fasten it with screws.

This completes the hanger table.

Then install the main unit. Because there are four guides on the hanger table base ......

Position the body slightly to the left of the base so that it fits the guide, then slide it to the right. OK when the sound is heard and the main unit is fixed to the base.

Next we will install clothing bags. Pull your finger over the indentation of the main unit cover and pull it straight up to remove it. Since this body cover will be used later, leave it in a box.

Remove clothing bag and spread it. The table looks something like this.

The back side is as follows.

Because there is a socket in the top of the back ... ...

Insert it into the protruding part of the clothes bag that is attached to the top of the hanger pedestal.

OK when the beep sounds OK. As clothing bags also cause falling down, it is necessary to insert the parts firmly.

Next, open the chuck of the clothes bag to the top.

The body cover removed earlier ... ....

Fit in the protrusion at the top of the clothing bag. There are two round holes on the back of the main body cover, but it is OK if it is fitted in the hole on the back side.

Finally, attach the duct at the bottom of the clothes bag to the main body.

Insert straightly so that the dents and protrusions match ... ...

Rotate clockwise to fix the duct.

If you connect the power adapter to the main unit and an outlet, preparation for using RACOOON is completed.

RACOOON that we got together looks something like this.

◆ Deodorant Mode
RACOOON has "Deodorizing mode(30 minutes, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours) "and"Fragrance mode(10 minutes) "is equipped with two modes.

To use "deodorant mode", hang the clothes you want to eradicate and deodorize with the attached hanger, and hang it on the inside hanger hook of the clothing bag. This time I will try the deodorant mode with the suit's coat.

Gently lower the fastener of the clothes bag and turn the ozone leakage prevention key attached to the fastener tip to the insertion port on the right side of the main body. If this key is not inserted correctly, driving will not start.

The operation buttons are gathered on the right side of the main body, and when the power button at the bottom is pushed, "8" of the power lamp and the timer LED are lit.

When you press the timer button, you can select the operation time from 4, 30 minutes, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours. Selecting the 8 hour course will also remove garbage. This time I chose "30 minutes quick deodorant".

Operation starts in the deodorizing mode by pressing the start button.

You can check the running situation of RACOOON from the following movies.

Clothes air washer "RACOOON" operation sound is very quiet - YouTube

During operation, air is sent from the main unit, clothing bag is swollen and it gets swollen. The working sound is very quiet, and even if I work on the side, I do not care much about the sound. When I was watching TV or listening to music, I was almost unaware of the working sound.

After 30 minutes, "Peeky" sounds, the operation stops automatically. When I took out the suit, I got a bad smell of sweat and moisture and I could feel the deodorizing effect sufficiently in quick mode. RACOOON "decomposes bacteria and odors from the original at the molecular level with the power of ozone (O³) with strong oxidizing power to eliminate garbage and deodorizes clothing, the generated ozone immediately returns to oxygen (O 2) Therefore it has no persistence and realizes air wash without water or chemicals. "

◆ Fragrance mode
Next, I will try "fragrance mode" which can make clothes fragrant faintly with my favorite perfume. For fragrance mode, use the included "scented case".

First, I blow an appropriate amount of perfume into cotton. About 3 push is about as a guide.

Open the lid of the fragrance case and install cotton soaked with perfume.

In the lower part of the clothes bag, attach the protrusion of the duct hole and the protrusion of the case to the throat so that it overlaps.

Rotate the case toward you and OK when the duct and case are fixed.

Wrap the clothing you want to smell on the hook in the clothing bag. I used a thin shirt this time.

After pressing the power button, press the fragrance button at the top of the control panel.

Start the operation by pressing the start button. Like the deodorant mode, the operation sound during operation is very quiet, and after the end of the operation "PAIPHI" sounds and stops automatically.

When I tried using the fragrance mode, the fragrance of the perfume was slightly smelled from the shirt and it seemed that I could enjoy the scent on the shirt for about half a day. However, it is difficult to use your favorite perfume everyday because it scatters the clothing bags themselves when blowing more perfume on the cotton, you need to get used to adjusting the amount of perfume blown onto the cotton considerably I felt so.

The main specifications of RACOOON are as follows.

Power supply:100 V 50 Hz / 60 Hz 16 W
weight:Approximately 8 kg
size:Height 1670 mm × width 700 mm × depth 375 mm
Power cord length:About 1.8 m
Disinfection / deodorization method:ozone
Operating time:Fragrance mode 10 min / deodorant 30 min, 2 h, 4 h / eradication / deodorant 8 h
Sterilization effect:99.0% (Request for testing: Japan Food Research Laboratories / Test method: agar plate culture method / disinfection method: ozone / test result: eradication effect of 99% or more)
accessories:Clothes cover, AC adapter, scent case, hanger pedestal, hanger

In addition, RACOOON is on sale at Haier Asia's online store "A by A.com", and the price is 80,440 yen including tax. Estimated shipping date is about 3 days.

Clothing Air Washer "RACOOON Raccoon | A by A.com

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