How long can we use the palm-sized washing machine "COTON" to remove dirt with 700 vibrations per minute?

Using a spoonful of water, simply wash the dirty parts, "wash out" the dirt in 30 seconds at a minimum is a palm-sized washing machine "COTON (Cotton)"is. It is about 700 times per minute that it can be taken from dirty food such as ketchup or the like to blood and lipstick with vibrations impossible with human hands, so I actually tried using it to check its ability.

COTON (cotton) palm-sized handy washing machine | AQUA (aqua)

The appearance of actually dropping minestrone's shirt collar with COTON can be confirmed from the following movie.

I tried using the palm-sized washing machine "COTON"

This is the COTON package.

When opening it, inside, there was an instruction manual · mat · COTON main body.

Taking it in your hand is like this. The weight excluding batteries is 200 g so you can hold it gently with one hand.

The power button was towards the butt of the main unit.

There is a battery case on the power button, so pull it out and set 3 AAA batteries.

I put the case in the main body again.

There is a head like this under the cap. By vibrating this part and letting out water, we can "wash out" the dirt.

Pull out the head and the bottle below it from the main body.

Pour water ......

Set again. Preparation is complete.

Next, place the folded kitchen paper folded in perforations and place it on the mat.

And prepare shirts that carelessly got dirty while eating minestrone.

Immerse cotton swab with liquid detergent ......

I will attach detergent to the dirty part with Jeon Cheon.

Set the soiled surface to hit the kitchen paper ... ...

Place the head around the dirt and press the power button.

Dadda Dada ... ... and the head vibrates at the same time as it gently discharges the water of the bottle and pushes dirt out into the kitchen paper. At the beginning, move the position to beat on the kitchen paper as a guide around 5 to 10 seconds, and change the position to beat several times while roughly 30 seconds as a guide, when the dirt stops moving to the kitchen paper.

When repeated, oil and tomato dirt was perfectly taken. Although it was impossible to return to the pure white state in 30 seconds, it has been desperately desperately struck off the dirt so far because it can push the dirt out in 2 to 3 minutes just by applying the head without putting strength When I think about it, it is overwhelmingly fun.

Next, I experimented with a shirt on my lipstick.

If lipstick or blood sticks, do not put water in the bottle, firstly push the dirt out only with the liquid detergent stock solution.

In the same way as before, put detergent on the part where lipstick has stuck ... ...

I will hit in COTON.

......, but this time it will not get dirty like a soup.

I hit it for a while, but it seems that the part where the fabric is folded over can not be pushed out well. "I am bad" this is a little bit.

But put water in the bottle ... ...

If I hit it again in a rinse-like manner ...

I got a lipstick without a trace. If you hit a towel etc with your hands, the stain will spread out or the trace will remain mostly markedly, but in the case of COTON you will notice almost no stains in your eyes, the power will be better It's pretty convenient because the work ends with just being unnecessary and dazzling. Of course, dirt and the like which has passed over time becomes relatively difficult to obtain, but because it is portable size, if you carry it with a small amount of liquid detergent, it is safe even if it is you.

In addition, COTON can be purchased at AQUA store with tax of 10,800 yen.

Handy washing machine "COTON (コ ト ン)" | AQUA store

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