Review of using 'Panasonic NI-FS750' that can instantly smooth out wrinkles in clothes with powerful steam

In the morning, when I tried to change into a suit or fashionable clothes, I found wrinkles and shape loss, but many people should have experienced the situation that 'I can't afford to iron!'. With a clothes steamer, you can quickly smooth out wrinkles on clothes and adjust your appearance without using an ironing board, and you can deodorize the unpleasant odors of clothes. The latest model of such a clothes steamer ' Panasonic NI-FS750 ' will appear from April 20, 2019. Since I was able to use the 'NI-FS750' a little earlier, I actually tried using it to see what

kind of evolution has been achieved from the previously reviewed 'NI-FS350'.

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Clothes steamer NI-FS750 / FS550 released | Press release | Panasonic Newsroom Japan

If you watch the following movie, you can see how the clothes steamer 'Panasonic NI-FS750' is ironing while hanging the clothes on the hanger.

Using a clothes steamer 'Panasonic NI-FS750' that can be ironed while hanging on a hanger --YouTube

◆ Appearance review
The set contents of 'NI-FS750' are the NI-FS750 main unit, stand, instruction manual, and special cup.

The main body looks like this. The weight without water is about 643g excluding the cord part.

When I hold the handle and hold the main body in my hand, it looks like this. The handle has a shape that fits comfortably in your hand.

The bottom is an ironing surface, and there are 6 holes for steam to come out.

One of the changes from the previous model is that the center of gravity is placed right in the center of the main body. Thanks to this, it is easy to handle not only when ironing normally with the iron side down, but also when steaming clothes that are still hanging on the hanger with the main body upright.

There is a steam button just below the index finger when you grasp the handle, and steam is ejected by pressing this button.

There is a water inlet lid on the front of the main unit.

When pouring water, remove the lid and then pour water with the water inlet facing up. The lid is connected to the main body with a rubber strap, so you don't have to worry about losing it.

On the right side of the main unit, there is a power switch and an indicator that shows the remaining amount of water in the tank.

It looks like this when set on the attached stand. Immediately after the switch is turned on, the temperature of the ironing surface becomes very high, so if you want to remove it from your hand after turning on the switch, you need to set it on a heat-resistant stand.

◆ Usage review
First of all, I will try to put out steam. Pour water from the water inlet with a water supply cup ...

Turn on the power switch.

You can use it when the 'powerful steam lamp' above the two lamps on the steering wheel lights up. According to the manufacturer, it takes about 24 seconds to start up, but in reality it can be used in about 10 seconds. It seems that the temperature of the water is also related.

If you press the steam button after the 'powerful steam lamp' lights up, steam will come out from the steam hole on the ironing surface. Steam keeps coming out while you hold down the button, and when you release your finger from the button, the steam stops after a few seconds.

The appearance of steam is like this.

Press and hold the steam button for about 10 seconds to turn on the '3x Instant Powerful Steam' lamp. If you press the steam button twice after the 'instantaneous triple powerful steam' lamp lights up ...

A powerful 'instantaneous triple powerful steam' comes out. Not only is the amount of steam large, but the momentum of steam is also strong, so it is especially suitable for smoothing out strong wrinkles. Since it says 'moment', steam is spouting for a short time, and if you keep pressing the steam button, it will return to normal steam.

Let's steam the wrinkled and shabby clothes.

First, look at the tag to see the iron-shaped pictorial display. Basically, if the iron mark has 2 dots (maximum temperature up to 150 degrees), 3 dots (maximum temperature up to 200 degrees), or 'medium' or 'high', the usual method It can be used in. When using for clothing made of heat-sensitive materials such as one dot (maximum temperature up to 110 degrees) or 'low', it is necessary to keep the ironing surface about 1 cm away from the clothing and apply only steam. The picture on the iron of this shirt has two dots and the material is 100% cotton, so it can be used without problems.

The instruction manual has the following detailed description, so if you don't understand it, you can check here.

To smooth out wrinkles while hanging on a hanger, gently pull the edge or hem of the clothes with one hand and slide the body against the cloth where the cloth is stretched.

For the formidable wrinkles created in the chest pocket like this, use 'instantaneous triple powerful steam'.

If you press the steam button twice to get '3 times more powerful steam' and press the ironing surface for 1 to 2 seconds ...

Although there were slight creases, the pins and wrinkles grew considerably.

To compare the effect, I applied steam only to the right side.

The fabric is uneven on the left side without steam, but ...

The right side is so crisp that you can't think it's the same clothes. The steam of 'NI-FS750' also has a deodorizing effect, and when I put my nose close to it and smelled it, I could not feel the dry odor before steaming. At the beginning of use, the steam itself had a slight mechanical odor, so at first it was not possible to determine whether the odor had disappeared or was overwritten, but even if the steam odor disappeared over time, it did not smell dry. So, I felt a certain deodorizing effect.

Next, I will steam the shape memory shirt that has become wrinkled and wrinkled. The fabric is a mixture of 55% polyester fiber and 45% cotton, and the pictogram is 'medium'.

Basically, slide the main body so that it flows from the top to the bottom of the clothes to smooth out wrinkles, but near the buttons etc., as shown in the image below, even if you tilt the main body sideways and slide it left and right It's OK.

If it is difficult to apply steam with your right hand, it is also an ant to switch the main body to your left hand. The symmetrical design allows you to switch to your left hand and use it in the same way as when you hold it in your right hand.

If you compare it, the left side without steam is wrinkled and looks like just a white cloth, but if you look at the right side with steam, you can see that the vertical stripe pattern has revived.

In places like the shoulders of suits that are three-dimensional and difficult to press against the ironing surface ...

As shown in the image below, apply '3 times more powerful steam' for 2 to 3 seconds with the ironing surface slightly away from the fabric.

I was able to fix the shape loss with pinpoint just by hitting steam. With this, even if you say, 'I don't have time to smooth out the wrinkles of the entire suit, but I'm worried that I'll find it out of shape when I try to put in my sleeves!'

If you can hang it with a pinch hanger for trousers, you can use it not only for jackets but also for smoothing out wrinkles on trousers. If it contains water, you can start using it in about 10 to 20 seconds, and you can smooth out wrinkles while hanging it on a hanger without taking out the ironing board, so people who iron frequently or who want to be careful about their appearance It was a perfect product for me.

◆ Comparison with the old product (NI-FS350)
Panasonic's 'NI-FS750' reviewed this time is

the successor to the previously reviewed 'NI-FS350 ', so I compared what kind of power-ups it has achieved.

Comparing the heights from the side, the height of the main body of the 'NI-FS750' on the right is slightly lower than that of the 'NI-FS350' on the left.

On the other hand, the 'NI-FS750' is wider. The size is almost the same, but the capacity of the tank for water is 50 ml for 'NI-FS350' and 100 ml, which is twice that for 'NI-FS750', so even if you need to add water with NI-FS350. With the 'NI-FS750', you can do it all at once.

Looking at the ironing surface, the 'NI-FS350' has 5 steam holes, while the 'NI-FS750' has 6 more.

'The power of steam should be stronger,' so I actually put out steam and compared it. If you watch the movie below, you can see that the amount of steam has increased dramatically.

The steam of the 'NI-FS750' released in 2019 is much stronger than the 'NI-FS350' released in 2014-YouTube

The amount of steam in the 'NI-FS350' looks like this.

Next, if you take out steam from 'NI-FS750' and compare it, you can see that the amount of steam and the distance that steam can reach have increased considerably.

Furthermore, if you try to put out '3 times more powerful steam at the moment', you can see that although it is a short time because there is 'moment', powerful steam is coming out vigorously.

The Panasonic NI-FS750 will go on sale from April 20, 2019, and the price is open.

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