I tried using a type humidifier "Cleanpot" whose main body floats on water and floats

In the winter when the air dries, if you use heating, the humidity of the room goes down furtherhumidifierMany people are using it. Among the many humidifiers, the unusual type of humidifier that floats with water on the waterCleanpotSince it was that there was a model called "We got the real machine, we decided to use it.

Cleanpot | INBYTE INC.

◆ Body photo review
The box of CleanPot that I gotten and used this time is like this. It is designed to get in submerged in water.

CleanPot "Clean humidifier floating in water"Hygienic without tankIt seems to be the most appealing product. It seems that it is a type of humidifier that does not need to worry about the problem that it tends to be in a humidifier with a large capacity tank where bacteria propagate in the tank that holds water. In addition, cleanliness is appealing also in that it uses BPA-free material as the resin material including the main body.

Looking at the contents that were in the box, it looks like this. There was a tray that traps water from the left, a humidifier body, two transparent mist caps, a power adapter, and a controller that adjusts the humidification amount.

Tray is a perfect dish as one of the interior incorporating a curved design. The size is about the size of the washbowl used in the bath, the size is 280 × 260 × 120 mm.

Inside there was written "min" and "max" lines indicating the amount of water. It seems that it is supposed to be putting water in between this line. The maximum capacity of water is 1.2 liters.

A humidifier body that plays the most important role and a mist cap that changes the way mist is dispensed. From the main unit, the power cable with a USB type-B terminal with a rectangular shape is stretched. The dimensions of the humidifier body are 180 mm in diameter, 220 mm in height, and weighs approximately 700 grams.

The top of the humidifier was provided with a thin slit for taking in air and a hole for discharging the mist from the center.

The mist cap is set up with vertical type that blows mist upwards and horizontal type that is sideways and can be used properly according to case. The direction of the speech bubble was also written in the package, and it became clear that the difference was understood at a glance.

The humidifier main body is designed so that the outer cover can be removed in this way, making it easy for the inside to be cleaned.

Furthermore, it is possible to remove the inner cover in this way. The color of this part seems to be the lineup of three colors "green" "red" "purple". I tried using green this time.

Inside the inner cover, there was a small fan that creates a flow of air and a set of transducers that creates a mist with ultrasonic waves. Since this part can also be removed, it seems that one of the appealing points of this product is that the inside can be thoroughly cleaned.

The controller that adjusts the amount of mist has a green dial on the white base part. By turning the dial, it is possible to turn on / off the humidifier, and furthermore it is possible to adjust the discharge amount of mist by the rotation amount.

On the back of the controller, the USB terminal that connects the humidifier and the round power terminal that connects to the power adapter were laid out.

◆ I tried using a humidifier
First of all, try using a vertical type mist cap on the humidifier body.

Pour water into the tray. A tray is set in the product, but it is OK even if using the same type of equipment.

Next, set the power cable extending from the humidifier main body to the controller. Similarly, connect the power adapter to the controller.

After connecting the power supply, hold the main unit and float the humidifier on the tray water. I think that there are few people who experience experiencing the humidifier itself on water, but at first it is a moment that is a bit of a "stupid impression" at a fresh experience.

The humidifier body which floats so much. It is natural because it is made to float properly, but for some reason I felt a wonderful and mild sense of accomplishment. But here is the bottom line. Actually turn on the power and try using.

Turn the knob on the controller "click" ......

A white mist began to blow from the tip of the mist cap.

The amount of mist can be adjusted freely. In this way, from a weak state where almost no mist can be seen ......

It was possible to control until it blows out vigorously. The maximum mist emissions are 250 ml per hour.

Where you actually turn on the power and the difference in emissions can be checked with the following movie.

Where you turn on the power of the ultrasonic humidifier "MIRO CleanPot" floating on water and try using it

When replacing the mist cap at the tip, it is also possible to put out mist laterally in this way. If you want to deliver a mist towards the center of the room etc, use this cap is OK.

Of course, because it is an ultrasonic type, the mist itself remains cold. Since you do not have to worry about burns like steam even if you hold your hand like this, there is no worry even at home with small children. Rather, I'm afraid I'm worried about not turning over the tray with water. Power consumption is 24 watts

Although I could not try this time, CleanPot said that it is possible to add a scent effect to mist using exclusive aroma oil.

When I tried using CleanPot at home for a while, it turned out that the operation sound was a level which was not at all bothersome because the sound of the water slightly "Pichach, Pichach" was heard. The impression that I used in a room with a stove is "It feels like the skin is indeed moist." It certainly appears that the effect as a humidifier has appeared. By the way it was realized that the water droplet was floating a little on the glass window of the room, so I realized that the humidity of the room was surely up.

The suggested retail price of MIRO CleanPot is 10,440 yen. In the official shop of Amazon, it was sold at 12% off tax price of 17,047 yen.

Amazon.co.jp: Clean humidifier floating on water MIRO CleanPot (Green) CP15JP: Home & amp; Kitchen

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