I tried using a ``clothing steamer'' that can iron shirts, jackets, pants, etc. while hanging on a hanger

I want to keep myself well dressed, but I need to prepare an iron body and ironing board to iron, and it is quite difficult to iron in a busy time in the morning. When I checked, 'Isn't there a handy iron...?', it seemed that Panasonic's ' Clothing Steamer ', which seemed to be useful, could iron the clothes on the hanger. At the end of May 2014, it was a hidden popular item that was out of stock across the board, so I managed to get it and actually checked the effect.

Clothing Steamer NI-FS350 | Iron/Clothing Steamer | Panasonic


You can see how the clothes steamer is ironing the clothes on the hanger from the following movie.

Using a ``clothing steamer'' that can be ironed on a hanger-YouTube

The package looks like this.

Steam can be prepared by pouring water in about 40 seconds.

You can quickly iron it on the hanger before going out, or use it as a normal iron.

I will open it.

The contents are the main body, stand, instruction manual, and water cup.

The name of Panasonic is on the front of the clothing steamer, and the length of the cord is 250 cm.

You can see the water level on the back side.

Power switch on the top.

There is a water inlet near the bottom of the switch, and there is a string on the lid so you do not have to worry about losing it.

The bottom surface is an iron surface, and there are 5 steam holes.

There is a steam button on the back of the handle, and steam is jetted by pressing and holding the switch with the index finger.

If you take it in your hand, you can see that it is a compact size.

Placed on the stand. The size of the main body is 15 cm in length, 7 cm in width, and 14 cm in height.

The weight of the main body excluding the cord is actually 554g.

The instructions describe how to use each material.

I will use it immediately. First, pour water into the main body with a water supply cup……

Turn on the switch and it will be ready in 40 seconds.

That's why I prepared crispy shirts, jackets and pants.

Check the clothes label first, and you can use it if the ironing indication is 'medium' or 'high'. Note that velvet, wool, cashmere, and silk materials cannot be directly ironed.

First, start with a 100% cotton shirt.

To stretch out wrinkles while hanging on a hanger, feel like pressing the clothes lightly with your hand and pressing the steam and iron surface. Rather than pressing like an iron, it is a mechanism that uses steam to spread wrinkles. The body feels a little heavy when you hold it for a while.

The left side is in a state where nothing is done, and the right side is in a state where the clothes steamer is ironing.

The left side is still crunchy...

You can see that the right side has quite beautiful wrinkles. Although it is not as good as when using an ironing board, I felt that the effect was sufficient even with it on the hanger. It is better to use an ironing board for the cuffs and collar.

Next is a 50% cotton and 50% polyester shape memory shirt.

At first glance it is beautiful, but if you look closely it has a lot of small wrinkles.

It's a bit difficult to pull by hand if you keep it on a hanger, but applying steam to the taut part is a quick and effective way to spread wrinkles.

Here too, the left is in a state where nothing is done, and the right is in a state where ironing is performed.

With a shape memory shirt, we were able to clean up small wrinkles neatly without an ironing board. Finished without problems in business situations.

In addition, it is a 2-way system that can be pressed like normal ironing. It can be used as an iron without any problems, but the ironing surface is so small that it will take some time.

Furthermore, jackets...

Cotton pants that wrinkle easily...

You can even stretch out wrinkles even on your tie. It's annoying to put out an iron and ironing board for a slight wrinkle during the busy morning hours, so it's a pretty powerful tool for those who wear suits or who often iron.

In addition, as of the writing of this article, the inventory has been restored, and the lowest price of Panasonic's clothing steamer 'NI-FS350' at Kakaku.com is 7980 yen (tax included) by shipping fee.

Price.com-Panasonic NI-FS350 price comparison

Also on sale on Amazon.

Amazon.co.jp: Panasonic Iron/Pants Press Clothing Steamer Black NI-FS350-K: Home & Kitchen

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