Can haste dry even in shirt, in a pinch, I tried using the "variable-speed drying hanger dryer"

Products that can quickly dry laundered clothes by incorporating a dryer that blows hot air to some part of clothes hangers is sold at Sankoreamo shop, its name is also "Adjustable quick-drying hanger dryer"is. "I want to wear the clothes that I am here quickly and dry anything ... but there is not a dryer in my house, it is humid in the beginning and it does not dry out even if it goes out in the first place ..." Dilemma I tried the ability of an item that could be used at times.

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When opening the package made of cardboard, inside of the bag was a hanger dryer and a power cord that entered the bag. The cloth bag seems to be convenient for storage.

A hanger dryer looks like this.

The upper half with the hook is lifted by hand, "Karyika Rikari" and the belt stretched, so that the length can be adjusted.

When storing, when pressing the black button visible under the belt, it is stored as "shubu" with the capacity of the winding type measure.

Pinch (washing shears) is built in the upper part, it is convenient for drying such as towel, socks, handkerchief etc.

A dryer is built in the lower unit, and warm air is discharged upward through the clearance of the black part.

Below the lower unit is a power switch, two small fans, and a connector to connect to AC power.

The power switch also serves as a timer for 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours. By the way, the output (heat) of warm air is constant, the power consumption is 270 watts.

◆ I dried the shirt
I will try using a hanger dryer. I tried to set on assuming a multi-likely room in the actual use example space.

And set the shirt to use for the experiment in dry condition, check the size feeling. In this state it is in the state that the lower dryer unit is fully pulled out, so it will be that the general shirt will be the upper limit to dry.

I found it from below. It seems to be soulful to suck air from beneath the dryer unit and let it dry at a stretch by letting the heated air in the clothes pass through the heater.

So, wet the shirt, dehydrate to about the state after washing, set in the hanger dryer. Although you can understand well by looking at this picture, since the part of the shoulder is almost horizontal, it will dry in the state of "shoulder stretched" rather than hanging on a general hanger.

Insert the power cable and turn on the switch. For now, try setting it in 2 hours and drying to what extent.

At this stage the shirt is wet as a whole. When turning on the switch, a warm atmosphere came out from the neck.

A few minutes after turning on the temperature of the shirt"FLIR ONE" in which a smartphone becomes a thermo camera simply by mounting itI tried taking a picture with.

The temperature of the portion where hot air hits the most is over 40 degrees.

The temperature of the black part of the dryer unit is about 100 degrees. The wind that comes out was not hot there, but we need to be careful not to accidentally touch the unit by hand.

You can see that the back part is also warming up from the part hit by the wind.

The operation sound is like the noise of a small dryer. It is a level that you can also watch TV while working indoors.

Sankoreramono shop "Variable type quick-drying hanger dryer" operating sound like this - YouTube

Approximately 50 minutes after the start, I checked how dry it is, the part of the torso is almost completely dry and it is surprisingly a little "Oh ~". However, because it forcibly dries by blowing wind from inside, it seems that the part which does not circulate air tends to dry slowly.

Especially, the condition of such a nape collar does not rise almost temperature and it is not dry enough because it does not hit the wind.

The cuffs were still cold and moist.

So, when you dry clothes with sleeves, if you ignore the shape collapse, it seems to dry well if you put it inside like this.

Because it was not dry enough in 50 minutes, leave it as it is and observe the progress. Then, it took about one and a half hours to say that the drying was almost finished. Before drying it was worried a little "Would not it become wrinkle", but it is a level which is rarely bothered.

The wide surface of the back also has no wrinkles like this. Of course, it does not become crispy like Ironed, but there seems to be an effect that wrinkles can be taken by hitting the wind.

However, after all the moisture remains in the collar part a little. It seems necessary to dry outdoors or put it in a large dryer again in order to dry it perfectly so far.

◆ Dry with 2 towels and speed confrontation
I found out that the shirt dries to be usable in about an hour and a half and I will try to verify how much dryness difference will be produced using this hanger dryer. The room used for the verification is in the condition that the air conditioner is set to 27 degrees.

By the way, if you hang a towel of general size with a pinch of a hanger dryer, it looks like this. Even if it is the longest, the towel is longer and the hot air does not hit the lowest part.

Since it can not be helped, I tried to fold it in two, the length was able to be cleared, but it is not in a state whether the wind will pass properly in becoming a starter.

So, I applied a towel to an ordinary hanger, set it to cross the dryer, and tried a strategy to dry it all at once.

After about 1 hour, the towel set in the hair dryer is left almost dry with a part left. The towel just hung on the hanger on the front side was in a state of no change as I could say at all.

With such a feeling, it is not necessary usually for a variable quick-drying hanger dryer that can dry clothes unexpectedly efficiently though it is a simple method, but it is very encouraging work when it says Isa It seems to be said that it will be an item to give. Whether to find value at a price of around 5,980 yen including tax is a part where judgment can be divided by people, but it seems that it is good even if you try getting those who are affectionable and interesting products.

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