Actually concerning cooking and cleaning in the kitchen, it is better to be a little careful Behavior 6 patterns


Even if you drop food on the floor you can still eat it if picked up within 3 seconds "3 second rule"Some people think that eating daily life and cooking in the kitchen are overwhelming, and some people might not care if they are a bit of a thing.

However, there are some ways to avoid avoiding it because it is somewhat unfriendly for hygiene among the methods that we do as usual, so even if you confidently have confidence in your own way It might be nice.

The risk of lurking in a little action done in the kitchen and measures against it are as follows.6 kitchen myths that could give you food poisoning | MNN - Mother Nature Network

1: When cleaning the bowl, use a wet sponge or towel

When wiping the table with a clip or cleaning the sink with a sponge, if you do not keep themselves clean, the intention of cleaning is to result in spreading bacteria and bacteria instead, It is said that it is better to replace the toothpaste every time you cook and prepare another towel for wiping hands. By the way, if you are not confident in managing the toilet, you can do a cleaning without worrying about bacteria growth using a paper towel.

Regarding sponge, it is possible to sterilize it by putting it in a wet state for 30 seconds in a microwave oven or by putting it in a dishwasher, but if it gets over the range it will burn, so it is necessary to do while looking at the state Thing.

Also, when wiping off the kitchen table thoroughly, it is good to wipe off using soap in hot water and wipe afterwards so as not to leave humidity.

2: Cut meat and vegetables with the same cutting board


If meat and vegetables are cut with the same cutting board, bacteria adhering to the meat will stick to the vegetables, which is not preferable for hygiene. Especially children and elderly people are likely to suffer from food poisoning, so raw meat and eggs that are the medium must be preserved so as not to come in contact with other foods.

It is also a good choice to use cutting board cutting meat and chopping board cutting vegetables, or chopping board sheets. Let's deal with cutting boards after cutting the meat by sterilizing with a bleach.

3: put baking soda in the refrigerator for deodorization

The cleaning method using sodium bicarbonate has been reviewed recently, but its deodorizing effect has also been drawing attention, but it is still difficult to deodorize all the smells just by placing a baking soda.

Even if you put baking soda in the inside of the cabinet is bad, it will be water to the rocks. First of all, it is necessary to wipe the shelves inside the cabinet cleanly, or to put the lid properly on the ingredients to put them inside, you need to deodorize with sodium bicarbonate.

4: Do not wash cooking utensils with detergent

Iron frying pan and pan are difficult to handle, it is said that proper use is made to blend oil without washing with detergent, but the traditional way of blending oil is not often done, the oil is oxidized and dust and so on Bacteria will easily become attached.

Recently Iron cookware has rust prevention in advance, so it seems to be okay as long as it gently washes so that scratches do not stick to the surface as long as it makes it in such a condition that it will hesitate to use.

5: When washing dishes just used for a while, just rinse with water


Because the glass that drunk water seems not to be so dirty, is not there some people who have rinsed out with water and returned to the draining cage? In addition, there may be few people who have eaten them very eagerly even for the kitchen scissors prepared to cut the mouth of the bag.

However, the tableware once turned on has become dirty surely even if there is no change in appearance. Although it may seem that it looks more beautiful than dishes in a state that you can not use unless you wash it, such as grease, do not wash your hands and wash them properly.

6: Move a pet's cat on the table


It will become sweet for a pet that can be said to be a member of the family, but you also have to be careful about the bacteria they mediate. If your discipline is a neat pet you may not be as coming up to the table, but be careful as it may end up losing your delicious food before.

If your pet has gone up to the table etc, let's disinfect it with diluted bleach before cooking or starting meals.

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