A movie that summarizes ten pieces of tricks for a little food useful for everyday use

It is apt to be left untouched without solution, such as "you can not cut the bread cleanly", "the lid of the bottle does not readily open", "boiled eggs are always too hard" and so on, which is a little troublesome or troublesome in daily life, Ten pieces of tricks about those problems related to "10 Incredible Food Life Hacks you need to know."is. There are also tricks where hands reach the itchy place, and it is a movie without loss if you know it.

10 Incredible Food Life Hacks you need to know. - YouTube

It is common in everyday that jars such as jams have trouble without opening the lid.

In such a case, paste adhesive tape on half of the bottle lid ......

I will pull hard.

Try turning the lid with a light force.

It was easy to open it.

Next, when you can not find a suitable watering pot when you want to water the plants.

Fill the bottle containing milk with water.

Using a knife and opening 20 holes in the cap ... ...

Completion of an instant soup. In Japan it seems good to substitute plastic bottles.

Next time I want to eat delicious breakfast, but cooking is troublesome! Life hack at the time.

I cut the onion and I cut it.

The cut onion is a big round slice.

I cut a round cut onion in a medium heat frying pan.

When the frying pan gets hot it cuts the egg into a sliced ​​onion.

Complete lid and fire for 3 minutes.

You can eat delicious breakfast easily.

When you want to keep soft cookie soft and ... ...

Put bread with cookie in storage container.

Since bread leaves moisture, soft cookie can be soft for a long time.

Also, there is a time when content does not come out even if you shake a can.

In such a case, I will puncture a hole with a knife and a kitchen knife from the back side of the can.

Since air enters through the holes, the contents slipped down from the cans.

Next is a way to sharpen shoes.

What you need is banana peel. I rub the leather shoes with the white part inside the banana peel.

Wipe firmly with a cloth attached to soapy water ...

My shoes are shiny. This is because the tannins contained in the banana peel fulfill the effect of glossy, but it is necessary to be careful because it can only be used for black and tea leather shoes.

In addition, it is a common event that is troubled by the place of spatula which stirs the contents of a pot during cooking.

If you throw it out properly, it will cause stains in the kitchen.

In such a case, use aluminum foil and fix it with a gruel to the handle of the pot.

It is convenient to take out quickly when you need a spatula.

If you warm up a cold hardened pizza, using a microwave oven will result in a fuja nya.

But put a pizza in a medium to high temperature frying pan ... ...

After one minute turn over the pizza and heat it for another minute.

Then you can eat almost similar pizza just arrived.

It is difficult to make an egg boiled with good hardness, there is also a life hack at the time when it becomes hard boiled.

It is the oven to use. It heats up with about 160 degrees of heat.

Heat eggs on iron plate and heat for 30 minutes.

If I take out the eggs that I take out in cold water ......

A moderately soft boiled egg is completed.

At the end is a little trick when cutting bread. Normally you are going to put a kitchen knife down from the top of the bread, but in this way the bread will collapse.

Therefore, when cutting bread turn over the top and bottom, the point is to put a knife from the back.

You can cut it into a round shape without crushing the bread.

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