9 ways to store food fresh, such as tomato, avocado and coffee beans


Not all foods such as vegetables and fruits need to be placed in the refrigerator, but by saving them in a manner suitable for each, it will be possible to store for a long time while maintaining freshness. From such foods "Coffee beans"celery"Avocado"banana"Bread"Minced meat"onion"Tomato"cucumber"We picked up 9 types, and the saving method to make each one last longer is explained in the movie.

9 Simple Ways To Keep Your Food Fresh - YouTube

How to store coffee beans fresh for a long time?

It is better to transfer to a glass container for food.

This will slow down the deterioration of quality as the coffee beans will not touch the air. In addition, if you put used coffee beans in a refrigerator or a shoe box without throwing it awayReuse as deodorantI can do it.

If celery is preserved normally, it will not be drowsy ... ...

By wrapping around aluminum foil and preserving it, you can keep a sense of shakijaki. Also,It is better to separate stems and leaves, frozen leavesAnd that.

It is an avocado which is a popular ingredient, but the blue avocado is not delicious unless it is ripe, so that when you notice, your home will be covered with avocado.

In such a case, you can preserve the freshness by squeezing lemon juice with avocado in the state of only pulp. After squeezing lemonEven if frozen storage is OK.

The banana will grow brown faster as you leave it alone. Although it might be delicious if it is a bit ripe, if you become black, it is a kind of disappointment to eat indeed.

If you cover the stem part of a banana with a lap around it, the speed of ripening the banana slows down,It lasted 3 to 5 daysYou can make it.

Bread basically preserves at normal temperature, but if the bread case is not at home ......

The freshness lasts longer as you are in the paper bag you bought.

When raw meat such as ground meat is refrigerated preservation, if drip leaks it will hurt other foods, so please do not put it on the upper shelf.

Those onion preserved at room temperature last longer than storing onions in a refrigerator. It is said that cold and dark place with good ventilation is good because corruption advances at high humidity.Since the new onion has a lot of moisture, it can be put in vegetable room OKis.

Tomatoes areWhen ripe to crimsonYou should put it in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator, but flavor will be lost when refrigerated, so basically it is better to preserve in a normal temperature environment not exposed to sunlight.

In addition, tomatoes, apple · avocado promotes maturation "Ethylene gasIn order to generate "vegetables such as cucumbers and fruits stored in the same place, the surrounding food becomes easy to be damaged. As much as possible store vegetables such as tomato separately from other foods.

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