Why should not you put milk in the refrigerator door pocket?


The door pocket on the inside of the door of the refrigerator is the most common storage place of milk, but in order to keep the freshness of milk longer it seems better to store it in a different place in the refrigerator.

Why You Should Never Keep Milk In The Fridge Door

The door pocket of the refrigerator can be taken out immediately after opening the door, so it can be felt in a good place to store frequently used milk. However, preserving ingredients in the proper location in the refrigerator is essential for keeping the freshness of the ingredients longer and delicious. Lifestyle-related blogs According to LittleThings.com, it seems that milk is suitable for storing in the middle shelf of a refrigerator rather than a door pocket.

This is because the door pocket is easily affected by the temperature change every time the door pocket opens and closes, and it is not suitable for storing foods sensitive to temperature change, such as milk and egg products. That's why LittleThings.com explains where to store the appropriate fridge for ingredients including milk.

It is appropriate to put foods unnecessary for cooking on the uppermost shelf of the refrigerator and it is good to put the dishes and the leftover food etc on the previous day in the upper row as well. It is said that putting milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt, eggs etc on the shelf in the middle can last for freshness. The lower shelf of the refrigerator has the lowest temperature, so it is suitable for preserving raw meat and raw fish. Also, if you save the raw on the lowermost stage, you will not be able to spill other foods, as moisture etc. coming out from the ingredients will not spill downwards.

Depending on the type of refrigerator, under the bottom shelf there is a withdrawal of vegetable room, vegetables and fruits are OK in vegetable room. And milk and egg disappeared from the door pocket, but here it is that you can store jams, jelly, other seasonings etc. In addition, since milk such as the United States is often contained in a gallon bottle with a cap, it can be stored on the middle shelf sideways, but in Japan it may be difficult to store the milk carton in the middle after opening. So when you buy a refrigerator next time you can slide the depth of the shelf and adjust it, it is good to chose a type of refrigerator that can hold the milk carton and store it.


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