Review of 'Puzzle Lock', a storage container that can be adjusted in size in 5 stages and has perfect sealing performance for neat storage.

Refrigerator and storage shelves have limited space, so you need to consider not only what you want to store, but also the space in the container that holds the things you want to store. However, the amount of ingredients tends to change as they are consumed or added. Studio N's ' Puzzle Lock ' is a closed container, but it is possible to adjust the size according to the content, 'Is it useful for storing refrigerators and shelves?' I thought, I actually used it and checked it.

Puzzle Lock | Studio N Co., Ltd.

Puzzle Lock's dressing box looks like this. One S size and one M size are included in the set.

The contents are 2 types of Puzzle Lock and an explanation sheet of how to use it.

The two containers have a lid and a bottom that engage with each other, and can be fixed and connected by stacking them and then twisting them lightly.

The S size has a capacity of 370 ml to 570 ml, and the M size has a capacity of 550 ml to 950 ml.

The lid had an air hole and an air cap. The outer diameter of the lid is about 10.1 cm.

I removed the lid. The shape of the container is cylindrical.

The container has a double structure with round claws on the outer cylinder and zigzag lines on the inner container. By moving the round claws along the zigzag line, you can adjust the size in 3 steps for the following S size and 5 steps for the M size.

The place to actually adjust the size of the S size Puzzle Lock is as follows. Simply open the air cap, grab the top and bottom of the main unit, and move the outer cylinder up and down along the zigzag line. The movement of the cylinder was smooth, and it didn't get caught or loose.

Adjusting the height of the closed container 'Puzzle Lock' whose contents can be adjusted --YouTube

I felt that being able to adjust the size without changing the container was a considerable advantage. For example, if you inadvertently eat sweets stored in the M size of Puzzle Lock, the content will naturally decrease.

However, you can change the size of the Puzzle Lock as much as the content is reduced. When storing ingredients and dishes in a container, it is a big point that there is no need to do the work of 'transfer to another container when the content is reduced ...'.

In addition, the inner container has rubber packing so that there is no gap between the outer cylinder and the inner container.

There is also a rubber packing inside the lid.

I put water in it and turned it over, but there was no sign of water leaking from anywhere. I was wondering if it would be difficult to store soups such as stews and soups with Puzzle Lock due to the size adjustment mechanism, but thanks to the rubber packing, the sealing performance is fully guaranteed.

Puzzle Lock can be easily disassembled, making it easy to clean the container. In addition, it has a heat-resistant temperature of 100 ° C and a cold-resistant temperature of 20 ° C, and can be used in a microwave oven or freezer, and can also be washed in a dishwasher.

Puzzle Lock can be purchased as a set of S size and M size at The price is 2860 yen including tax at the time of writing the article.

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