Seven reasons why dishes made by myself are not good


Seven items that lead to mistakes, which tend to do when cooking at home, were listed.

Everything is trivial, but unexpectedly these things will overlap, perhaps there will be a difference in completion.

Details are as below.7 Common Cooking Mistakes | Real Simple

1: Start cooking without looking at the recipe

Checking the recipe is like checking the map at the destination. Just because it is troublesome to start cooking appropriately, you may make unexpected mistakes in important places, leading to failure. For example, when making pasta sauce, if you add tomato even though onions are not on fire, you will end up with a disgusting finish of spicy texture.

Let's take a breath and start cooking after watching the recipe and arranging the necessary materials and tools. By arranging them first at the beginning, if you do not have the stuff as described in the recipe, you can prepare the substitute calmly so you will not be warmed up during cooking.

2: Too much ingredients are put in the pot

It is not good to put enough ingredients to cover the surface of the pan tightly. For example, when heating minced meat, steam is generated when cooked in large amounts at the same time, the color deteriorates and the gravy flows out and the flavor is impaired.

Prepare two pots and cook them, or cook them in portions by dividing them one by one, and keep the warmth in the oven etc. if you made it before.

3: Start baking without fully heating the frying pan

When baking meat etc., if the frying pan is not yet sufficiently warmed up to start baking, the meat juice will flow out and the frying pan and the meat will stick together. Not limited to meat, vegetables etc. can not be burned well unless it is a frying pan fully heated.

Let the frying pan crush oil after it gets evaporated after the water droplet rolls on the surface when dropping a small amount of water with a fire. Also, although truth has not been clarified, there is also the theory that it is dangerous to sky teflon processing pots, and also to avoid hurting the pot separately from that, it is better to avoid sky rinks for a long time It seems to be.

4: Boil noodles with a small pot

When putting ingredients into boiling water, the temperature of hot water falls at once. Therefore, if too much noodles are put in relation to the amount of hot water, the temperature of hot water sharply drops, it becomes boiled with bad texture.

When boiling noodles, let's boil with plenty of hot water.

5: Leave the leafy vegetables wet

If you leave the leafy vegetables without cutting enough water, it will be rather messy texture rather than soft. Besides, if water touches oil drawn to be caught, it will be dangerous to splash.

It may also be a good idea to use salad spinners (vegetable drainers) etc. to cut the water well. Also, as with 3, it is also important to thoroughly heat the pot and then add the vegetables.

6: substitute live things with dry matter

For example, when using dry herbs instead of raw herbs or using dried shiitake mushrooms instead of raw shiitake, the flavor is condensed at the stage of drying even the same ingredients, so the flavor becomes dense when the amount is added according to the recipe It will be too much.

If you use dry matter instead of live things, it seems to be just right if you add about a third of the recipe. It adjusts according to the strength of the flavor of herbs and dry matter used.

7: Use oil that is not sufficiently heated

If you use oil of less than about 176 degrees, it will be a greasy finish even if you fry it or make it a fruit.

If you do not have a thermometer at hand, try putting a piece of fish on a piece of oil and then raising the temperature sufficiently. If you cut it out and put the ingredients properly in the oil, it will not be a crisp finish no matter how long it is fried, so if you put it in oil, do not leave it as it is, raise it, raise the temperature of the oil, raise it again Let's deep fried.

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