"Soda Dispenser" which becomes like a via server simply by attaching it to a plastic bottle

When gathering at home or at a friend's house, everyone is likely to bring juice of PET bottle or tea etc, but whenever I actually want to drink it it feels troublesome to pour into the cup by opening the lid I wonder if there are many people.

Dispensers that sell drinks just by pushing a lever like a via server just by attaching it to the lid of a plastic bottle for such a person is on sale. Also, if you attach this dispenser, you can leave carbonic acid for several weeks and it seems that you can keep freshness.

Details are from the following.
This is Soda Dispenser. When the Soda Dispenser is attached instead of the lid of the PET bottle and the lever of the main body is pushed, the drink is sucked up from the tube and is poured into the cup. In addition, it seems that it will be able to keep keeping carbonic acid away for several weeks when installing.

As I saw the evaluation of Soda Dispenser, it seems that it will work normally as soon as it is installed, but it seems there are problems such as not siphoning unless it gently shakes when contents are saved in a refrigerator or the like . Although it is possible to keep carbonic acid for a long time without escaping it, it is ideal to use it as much as possible to drink on the spot as much as possible without trying to preserve for a long period of time because there is a quality problem Hmm.

Soda Dispenser is sold at the following site for $ 7.50 cents (about 720 yen).
Soda Dispenser from Seventh Avenue

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