Why does brown color when firing raw meat?


Beef and pork that turn red will discolor to brown when baked, although I think that you can feel it especially when you eat grilled meat. I think whether there are many people who are judging whether or not the fire has passed through this discoloration, why does such a phenomenon occur?

Originally raw meat looks red also does not mean that the color of blood is visible, but with regard to the color of meat a certain protein is affecting its appearance.

Why does it become brown when cooking meat, the reason is from the following.Why Red Meat Turns Brown When Cooked

When the meat is heated, the phenomenon that the color changes from red to dark brown such as brown,MyoglobinProtein is involved. It is a protein that works to store oxygen in muscle cells and has properties very similar to hemoglobin that stores oxygen in red blood cells.

Myoglobin is an essential substance that immediately supplies oxygen to the muscles when moving the body continuously. So, what kind of relationship is myoglobin in the phenomenon that meat is cooked and the meat becomes brownish?

The color of meat discolors by cooking occurs by the oxidation of iron atoms contained in myoglobin. If myoglobin is exposed to oxygen before meat is cooked, the oxidation level of the iron atoms shows about +2. At this time, myoglobin is associated with oxygen molecule (O2) and it turns into a bright red. Beef and pork raw meat is red in color because it is not due to the blood of the animal, but it was red due to oxidation of the protein.

When cooking the meat, this iron atom loses electrons, the level of oxidation rises to about +3, and the color of the meat itself gradually turns brown. Meanwhile, whitish meat such as chicken has much less myoglobin content than beef and pork, so it does not become dark brown like red meat. Indeed, the value of myoglobin is one of the main factors to judge the difference between white meat and lean meat.

By the way, some people may have experienced that lean meat has been left in the refrigerator for about a week or more, and when they remember they were starting to discolor brown, but as with cooking It is the result of myoglobin chemically changing. However, as it is discolored, it is not that the meat has been damaged, so it seems good to judge by smell as to whether you can eat it yet.

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