Scientifically explain the way to cut cheap steak softly

ByBrian Child

In general it is said that "cheap meat is tender in meat quality, high in meat is tender and delicious". However, by simply devising how to cut the meat, it is said that cheap meat is soft like high-grade meat, and a movie introducing how to cut the meat based on scientific experiment "Science: How to Slice Steak and Make Cheap Cuts Tender"Has been released.

Science: How to Slice Steak and Make Cheap Cuts Tender (with Your Knife) - YouTube

When cutting beef blocks, it is not decided how to cut depending on the difference in meat quality. Actually, however, how to cut meat has a great influence on the softness, as well as the cooking method of beef and the temperature inside the meat.

The most important thing to cut meat is whether to cut along the fibers of the meat or cut it vertically with the fiber. Parts such as beef loose meat, crackers, sagari, etc. are particularly important for cutting because muscle fibers are wide.

In order to ascertain how much the cut of meat affects softness, we will experiment with cattle loose meat and sirloin.

Sirloin is meat with thin muscle fibers and little connection between tissues.

In the experiment, put two kinds of meat in a bag, dip it in low temperature hot water ......

Warm up the inside of the meat until it reaches 54 degrees Celsius.

continueCT3 Texture AnalyzerMeasured how much force you need to bite the meat using a machine called.

Measured three times each and calculated the average.

As a result of experiments, we found that the force required to milk beef loose meat to 5 mm was 383 grams when cut perpendicular to the fiber.

On the other hand, when cutting along the fiber, it turned out that 1729 grams of force is needed. The difference is about four times more.

When comparing the power required for chewing for the two parts of rose meat and sirloin, when cutting along the fiber, the rose meat needs 190% force. However, when cutting perpendicularly to the fiber, the required force difference was only 16%. By cutting the meat perpendicular to the fiber, the muscle fibers were cut finely, and the cheap loose meat became soft and easy to chew.

Many experts insist that "sirloin is softer than rose meat", but from the results of the experiment, even relatively inexpensive rose meat can be compatible with high class sirloin steak depending on how to cut Has become clear.

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