Easy way to transcend canned beer and juice into kinkin in 2 minutes

ByTom Roeleveld

If you open the refrigerator to drink cold canned beer or juice, you notice that you have forgotten to cool down, and hurry to drink canned beer or juice by chilling in a freezer or putting ice It is common. Normally, it takes time to cold canned beer at room temperature, but YouTube has released a method to cool canned beer and juice in 2 minutes just by using water, ice and salt.

How to Cool a Drink in 2 Minutes - YouTube

Canned lemonade is used in the movie.

First, measure the temperature of lemonade that is not chilled.

The lemonade which did not cool was 24 ℃. It is not a deliciously drinkable temperature.

To cool the can juice at room temperature to the quinch, first add water to the bowl.

Next, I put 2 ice tray into the ball.

Finally put two tablespoons of salt ......

I stir well. Put salt to lower the melting point of water, keep the water temperature below 0 ℃.

Put the lemonade in it ... ...

I will stir again. When stirring, the ice warmed by the heat of the lemonade is dispersed and the temperature of the cold ice is transferred to the lemonade early.

Take it out after 2 minutes ...

When measuring the temperature, the temperature of the lemonade was lowered to 5 ° C.

This method can also be used for canned beer so that even if you forget to cool the beer you can enjoy a cold beer in two minutes.

Although it becomes quite a rough skill, a method to cool canned beer in 1 minute has also been released and it is possible to check from the following movie.

Cold Beer In Just 60 Seconds - YouTube

In order to cool canned beer in 1 minute, a thermos bottle, electric drill, bolt, rubber band, ice is necessary. Unlike the previous method, it seems to take time and effort.

First, drill a hole in the thermos bottle lid.

Insert the bolt of the electric drill into the hole and tighten tightly ......

Attached to an electric drill.

This time fit the rubber band in a canned beer ......

Put it in the ice and cover it with a lid of the thermos bottle attached to the electric drill and rotate it for 1 minute at high speed. Rotating in ice to raise the thermal conductivity, the coldness of the ice is transmitted quickly.

When it was taken out after 1 minute, the temperature had dropped to 7 degrees Celsius.

I cooled the can beer to the quinch in one minute, but it takes quite a lot of work, so it seems more efficient to cool it for 2 minutes with water, ice and salt.

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