A maximum temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius or more, movies that generate high heat such that the frying pan melts

It is an experimental movie that generates high heat exceeding 2000 degrees using iron, aluminum, magnesium. At the same time as fierce sparks and smoke are generated, the frying pan which has become unable to withstand heat and the iron plate of about 1.3 centimeters thickness placed under it are melted instantaneously.

Naturally it is dangerous, so you should not do money.

Details are as follows.

First, prepare powdered iron oxide, aluminum, magnesium ribbon. Then mix well with 1 gram of aluminum at a rate of 2 grams of iron, pack it in a can, finally prepare the magnesium ribbon for fuse line and ready. The rest is only ignition.

Although it seems that heat of up to 2204 degrees is generated in this experiment, according to the following link, since the melting point at which iron changes from a solid to a liquid is 1535 degrees, it is apparent that a frying pan or an iron plate melts It seems natural. Even so, it is frightening.

Iron - Wikipedia

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