Ultra-dangerous construction site where little mistakes are going to be killed

It is a construction site that seems to be injured just by breaking the balance or making some minor mistake. I do not know where it is real and where synthesis is from, but I do not want to see such a scene ....

Details are as follows.
Although it is a work using a ladder, a person is lifting because it is not long enough.

Painting of the wall. The lower part of the ladder is not attached to the ground.

I add a ladder. I feel it's dangerous to put weight on the left.

Track repair. I decided that if I could pick up a stick with something, it was a big challenge.

Lift the forklift with a forklift.

I did not have a mask, I protected with vinyl. I can not keep it.

A helmet goes on?

I'm repairing a bit behind. Did not there be a good stepladder?

In addition, you can see various images at the following link destination. Which is true and which is synthetic?

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