7m flying match bar How to make a rocket and a movie actually skipping

It is a simple way to make rockets using match rods. It seems that 22 feet (about 7 m) will be blown with easy-to-use materials.

Details are as follows.
Skip the match rod rocket. The last one departed over the weight by putting the head of the match stick too much, flames without flying.
Rakieta z zapalek match rocket - Google Video

This was a huge success.
YouTube - Match Rocket # 1

A rocket that made another way.
YouTube - Match Rocket

The way to make it looks like the following.

Match Rocket

Materials are two match rods, aluminum foil, wire. A tool to use is scissors.

First cut off the head of the match stick with scissors.

Cut the aluminum foil so that both sides are about the length of the match rod.

Fold the aluminum foil as shown in the figure and put the tip of the match rod next to each other so that the heads are next to each other in the middle. Then apply the shaft.

Place the aluminum foil around the axis and twist lightly.

Pull out the shaft and pierce the wire base there. Do not wind the aluminum foil strongly on the wire at this time.

Then just heat the area around the head of the match stick.

A movie of how to make it.
YouTube - How to Make a Match Rocket

A movie supplementing how to make it.
YouTube - How to set up your match rocket

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