Building a huge match and actually putting a fire on fire like a powerful force

I made about 15,000 regular matches to make a huge match, I actually scrub and succeed in putting on fire. A movie that lights a powerful flame corresponding to a huge size is also taken. Because I am dangerous, I should not manage a good girl.

Details are as below.
We prepared 15,000 matches.

Cut off the head medicine.

Using nitrocellulose, bond 10,000 head wound medicines and chopped ping-pong balls.
Match goo

Paste it on a square.

Using the remaining 5000 head drugs, we will shape it to be more realistic.

Rounded to a match-like atmosphere.

Coloring with spray.

We prepared 250 more matches.

Attach it to the tip to create a rubbed part.

Completion if you adjust the color.

If you look from far away the match itself.

But it became like a weapon.

And, in fact it is outrageous if you put a fire on.

Even movies are filmed.
Giant match 1

More details are given below.

Instructables Giant Match

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