After collecting one million matches and putting a fire, a huge fire pillar is completed

Russian folk songs sung by Kato Tokiko "A million roses"Roses bought with drawing painting fortune have buried the square in front of the window seen by the actress, but it seems to become a huge pillar if you put a fire on one million matches.

Details are as below.
YouTube - Burning 1 million match heads

Experiments were conducted on programs that verify urban legend etcMythBusters".

Using a cutting machine, etc., 1 million matches of head drugs were collected.

I put collected matches into drums.

When you put a fire on it, there is a sparkle like something exploded.

Even if you look from afar, it is strange.

It resulted in a violent fire pillar rising. It seems that the height of the flame has reached 50 feet (about 15 meters).

When I burned 30,000 matches,A small mushroom cloud is completedAlthough it was about, it seems to be ridiculous if collecting 1 million books, even with matches.

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