A Christmas tree created with a bottle of beer


There is a thing in the green bottle in the beer. If you collect this, it is green, so will not it be a Christmas tree? So, a person who actually made a free bottle Christmas tree appeared. Christmas is coming soon, it is time to prepare the tree. If there are no trees in the house, it is ants to try to make this.

Beer Tree: The Ultimate Christmas Project - YouTube

It is a box of beer that is loaded.

It decreases steadily and steadily.

Set the light which becomes the core of the tree in the vacant space.

And when it starts, I will arrange the empty bottles of beer.

Keep it ......

After one turn, we will stack the second row.

This height is 500 beer bottles.

Further work progressed ......

1000 pieces. I got a goal after a while.

Finally completed with 1050 books.

The width of the tree is 1 meter, the height is 2 meters. About 200 liters of light are used, and about 220 liters of empty bottles are used, which is converted into the amount of beer.

This one was made with 250 empty bottles.

The number is 1/4, but it is amazing enough.

Now THIS is a Christmas tree «Regretful Morning

Meanwhile, there are Christmas trees in Shanghai made of over 1,000 empty bottles. Even if it is seen it is not a commotion of 1,000 books ... ....

Un sapin de Noël fait de 1000 bouteilles de bière | Chine Informations


How many steps are there ... ....

After finishing it is not necessary to put it in a box for another year and it is OK if it is issued as resource waste, so it is likely that this is also Ali if it is used only once a year.

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