A beautiful `` slow motion image of the impact of hitting the molten steel with a cricket bat '' like fireworks on the ground will be released


The Slow Mo Guys , who shoots shocking images that cannot be captured by the human eye with a high-speed camera, such as ` `the moment when a huge water balloon breaks '' and ``the appearance of draining with a bullet'' , steels at a high temperature. We have released a video that captures the moment a cricket bat hits melted molten steel .

Molten Steel Exploding at 10,000fps-The Slow Mo Guys-YouTube

Mr. Gabu (left) and Mr. Dan (right) of The Slow Mo Guys standing in the dark outdoors. It is difficult to shoot slow-motion images in dark places, so when I shoot outdoors, I generally shoot in bright light. It seems that

Mr. Gabu has a uniquely shaped cricket bat in his hand.

This time, the nail is melted into molten steel, and it is thrown in the air like a toss batting and hit with a cricket bat with a wide surface.

The two people are clearly visible on the screen, but this is because they use a lens with

an F value of 0.95 and set the ISO sensitivity to 32,000 so that they can shoot even very weak light. is.

Therefore, what you see on the screen is very different from what you see with the naked eye.

The scenery seen with the naked eye is like this. In short, the two are shooting in a field of almost complete darkness.

This time, we will be using

the Phantom VEO4K , which can shoot 4K video, and the Phantom T4040 , a high-speed camera capable of shooting at approximately 10,000 fps with 4 megapixels.

First of all, in order to make molten steel, we will put the nails in a compact electric furnace.

Although it is compact, it is a full-fledged one that boasts an output of 3.5 kW.

Because the images are taken with a high-sensitivity camera, this brightness is achieved only by the lighting of the digital display of the electric furnace.

The nail was heated to about 1500 degrees Celsius to make molten steel.

Mr. Dan, who stands on the right side, sprinkles molten steel in a mini bucket to raise the toss, and Mr. Gabu, who stands on the left side, hits it with a cricket bat. Of course, both of them wear fireproof clothing that covers their heads to prevent burns.

From here, it switches to the same image as the scenery seen by the naked eye. Put the molten steel made by Mr. Dan in the electric furnace in a mini bucket and head to Mr. Gabu.

Mr. Gabu holds a cricket bat and adjusts the timing with Mr. Dan.

Mr. Dan sprinkles molten steel with the shout of '3, 2, 1, GO!'

Mr. Gabu matches the timing and swings.

The moment the cricket bat hits the molten steel, the two are enveloped in a dazzling light.

Molten steel turned into fine sparks and scattered all over the place.

It went better than I imagined, Mr. Dan called out 'Nice one!'

The two come back with a sense of accomplishment after removing the cover from their fireproof clothing.

First of all, let's check the video shot with 'Phantom VEO4K'.

The orange light seen slightly below the center of the screen is a mini bucket containing molten steel.

A thick molten steel is thrown up.

Although the figures of the two people are dark and difficult to understand, part of the molten steel falling to the ground is interrupted black, and you can see that there is a cricket bat that Mr. Gabu swung here.

The moment the cricket bat hit the molten steel, the molten steel splattered like a burst of light.

You can clearly see the figure of Mr. Gabu who swung the cricket bat illuminated by the light of molten steel.

It was a beautiful image as if fireworks had risen on the ground, and they were sorry that they could not show the image as it was due to compression when uploading to YouTube.

Next, check the 10,000 fps video taken with the high-speed camera Phantom T4040.

Molten steel in a mini bucket was thrown up.

Mr. Gabu swings the cricket bat while the molten steel that fell to the ground shines.

It seems that an explosion occurred when the cricket bat and molten steel came into contact, and the impression that 'it looks like the sun' leaks out unintentionally.

Molten steel was scattered as fine sparks that could no longer be captured by the camera sensor.

It is very fantastic to see the sparks scattered in the air slowly falling.

In order to shoot a more zoomed image and a more zoomed image, the two decided to adjust the camera position and challenge the molten steel batting again.

When I batted in the same way as before, an accident occurred.

The distance between the two people was too close, and Mr. Gab's cricket bat punched out the mini bucket in Mr. Dan's hand. Fortunately, there seemed to be no injuries, and the two returned with a relieved laughter.

Looking at the image of the camera with a wider range, you can realize how extensively the sparks were scattered.

Next, check the image of the high-speed camera that approached the two.

The moment I swung the cricket bat, a large amount of sparks scattered.

It was a movie that you can see how beautiful it was when you saw it through a high-speed camera, the moment when you could only see the light shining at once with the naked eye.

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