What kind of sight is it when you see how a huge water balloon breaks from the inside?


The Slow Mo Guys , known for producing interesting slow motion videos, is now observing from the inside how a giant water balloon breaks.

Head-first through 6ft Giant Water Balloon-The Slow Mo Guys-YouTube

Mr. Gab and Mr. Dunn of The Slow Mo Guys.

The theme this time is giant balloons.

The equipment used is a 4-megapixel high-speed camera '

Phantom T4040 '.

Already, Mr. Dan dives towards the balloon this time, breaks the balloon and jumps out in front of the camera I want to take a picture of.

Fill the balloon with water and prepare.

Once filled with water, put the tip of the camera into the balloon.

And finally shooting. Mr. Dan who ran from the left dives into the balloon as much as possible. But surprisingly the balloon survived.

As the balloon moved, Mr. Gab backed away, causing the camera to escape from the balloon and water to leak out. Mr. Dan, who was hit by a balloon, is holding the mouth of the balloon while hurting his back.

This is how it looks. The balloon is greatly bent by Mr. Dan's assault on the balloon.

You can see how the outside of the balloon undulates finely.

Internal camera footage. Mr. Dunn's face has just touched the balloon.

I am deeply absorbed in the inside, but the balloon does not break.

Mr. Dan who fixed the screw to the forehead to surely break the balloon.

Mr. Dun shows a stunning sideways jump in the re-challenge.

This time the balloon broke exactly.

Mr. Dan flying towards the balloon.

The moment Mr. Dan made contact, the balloon cracked at once.

And most of the water kept its shape, and only the outside of the balloon burst.

Looking from the inside, a line enters the surface of the balloon at the moment Mr. Dan's head touches it.

And you can see how the crack spreads at once and breaks.

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