A fantastic movie shot at 1000 fps of a trampoline covered with rainbow powder

You must have had the experience of enjoying a trampoline where your body floats when you jump on it. What kind of images can be taken by using a high-speed camera that can shoot at 1000 fps when you spread powder of various colors on such a

trampoline and dive with all your might? Guys experimented.

Diving on a Paint Covered Trampoline in Slow Mo-The Slow Mo Guys-YouTube

These two are the main personalities of The Slow Mo Guys Gab (left) and Dan (right).

The two will first experiment with a tennis racket. Dan immediately sprinkles powder all over the racket.

A racket that was sprinkled with powder and dyed in a nice rainbow color.

Dan holds a racket ......

Gab throws the tennis ball with all his might.

It looks like this when the moment the ball hits was captured with a 1000 fps high speed camera. The racket that received the impact of the ball suddenly changed its position, but the powder remained floating for a while.

After that, the powder fell apart and fell down.

The main project of this time is to try this series of flows with trampoline and dance.

Dan sprinkles powder on the trampoline.

The work progressed smoothly, and one side was covered with powder.

Dan dives when everything is ready.

The powder rolls up.

Looking at it in slow motion it looks like this. First of all, Dan's left hand, which touched the trampoline, seems to be buried in the powder.

After that, Dan's whole body sinks. The impression is stated that 'it seems to have entered the cloud'.

Almost the whole body sinks ......

Dan jumps up.

They were more interested in the powder that swirled around the trampoline following the current of the air, rather than the dust that had sunk into it.

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