What really happens when dropping a drop on the water? Movie that shooted at high speed "Surface Tension Droplets at 2500 fps"

I tried rolling rubber bands on watermelons and made a big explosionTry shooting balls in the slow motion, trying to hit the ball against the face Program on YouTubeThe Slow Mo GuysHowever, the high-speed shooting of the moment when water droplets fall on the water surface is "Surface Tension Droplets at 2500 fps"is. I think that everyone sees how to drop the droplets in water, but by looking at the state with slowness you can see the movements that can not be caught by the naked eye, "Is this really happening with surface tension? ...... "It is supposed to be understood.

Surface Tension Droplets at 2500 fps - The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube

These two people did the experiment

Click here for lenses used

The cameraHigh speed camera Phantom FLEXTo shoot a movie at a high speed of 2500 frames per second

To this water full of glass ... ...

I will drop a water drop

It captures the moment when water droplets fall on the water surface in slow motion and up

Water droplets dripping ......

I fall on the surface of the water

Water droplets penetrate into the water surface

Topknot, and a dent on the surface of the water

From the dent ...

A small water droplet jumps up from the water surface

Jumped water droplets do not enter the water and stay on the surface for a while due to surface tension

As time went on, it was sucked back into the water again

Even smaller droplets move as if the ball bounced above the ground


Each time it falls on the surface of the water the water drops get smaller and smaller

At the end, it became water droplets of such size that it was hard to see even with slow motion

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