How do you see if you shoot a rifle bullet flying directly in front of you with a super slow?

How to display CRT TVAnd, it got surprising resultsArtistic movie of painted speaker, And it will not be deployed in ordinary familiesA state in which a flamethrower injectsThe Slow Mo Guys who has performed a number of ultrahigh-speed photographs using a super slow camera such as super slow camera, has tried to capture rifle bullets flying at a speed exceeding sound speed with a super slow camera from directly in front of the movie "Sniping a Slow Motion Camera"Is released to the public.

Sniping a Slow Motion Camera - The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube

When the movie starts, Gavin and Daniel of The Slow Mo Guys appear.

In this experiment method, Daniel gave a large sniper rifle,Objective rifleIt shoots bullets with the Super Slow Camera for that moment. In addition, this rifle has a structure to escape explosive flames and smoke at launch from the left and right of the muzzle.

The muzzle of a rifle installed at a distance aims ... ...

High speed camera used for shooting and targeted mirror. It is pointed that this mirror is inclined 45 degrees to the direction of bullet flying.

High speed cameras are designed to shoot mirrors through bulletproof glass. In other words, by shooting a bullet of a rifle shot aimed at a mirror through a mirror, the aim is to shoot bullets flying at a tremendous speed towards you without destroying the camera.

Start experiment. Daniel launched a large sniper rifle.

The mirror behind the muzzle ... ...

Shot through bullets and shatter. I hit it perfectly.

I will confirm the moment of launch from Mr. Daniel who fired the gun. It is a state captured by a high-speed camera with 1000 frames (1000 FPS) per second.

When fire a rifle, fire starts from the tip of the muzzle and smoke comes out from the side.

Smoke spreads to the left and right ......

The shot bullet hits the mirror behind the muzzle. The mirror breaks white. And at this timing, the pharmaceutical was finally discharged from the rifle.

Next, confirm the moment of launch from the mirror side. It is being shot with a higher speed camera than the camera of Daniel 's side.

The moment of launch is played in a movie with twenty-eight-eighty-fifth minute frames (28500 FPS).

At the moment of launch, at the same time as launch the explosive flame spreads out circularly from the muzzle and you can see smoke spreading to the left and right.

The explosive flame shrinks as it fires and the smoke spreads to the left and right.

The explosive flame will stop, the smoke will become thinner.

The explosive flame fell, and bullets like a point appeared from the muzzle.

The picture that bullets get closer little by little will continue.

Two people who look at the screen are muttering that "This is a bullet", "It will not move ..." ... ...

The screen got out of focus and became blur ...

With the sound "Gashan", the mirror turns white.

A white "mist" spreads out ... ...

It is wrapped in glare light.

And you can see that "the bullet hit the mirror." The time it takes for the bullet to hit the mirror is only 0.034 seconds.

In this time, the bullets became invisible due to the focus of the camera, but still it felt that they were flying at tremendous speed.

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