When a cannon is fired into a ballistic observation gel, the gel trembles and the result is outrageous.

The YouTube channel '

The Slow Mo Guys ', which has been filming slow-motion videos of giant water balloons bursting and glass plates being broken by bullets , has now taken a super slow-motion video of a cannon being fired into a trajectory observation gel. doing.

Cannon Ball vs Ballistic Gel in Ultra Slow Mo - The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube

Mr. Gab of The Slow Mo Guys is standing on the left holding a cannonball, and Mr. Dan is standing on the right. The cannon used for verification is installed in front of the two people.

This is a ballistic observation gel that shoots shells into.

The verification environment looks like this. Set up two desks in a large area, and place a gel on the right desk and a cannon on the left desk.


The cannon remained inside the gel without penetrating it.

When you check the trajectory of the shell in super slow motion, it looks like this. First, the shell reaches the gel with a spark.

The area where the bullet passes will spread out to the surrounding area.

The highest point is around here.

After reaching the highest point, the shell begins to return in the opposite direction.

The entire gel is rippling. The shell eventually returned quite a bit.

Next, turn the gel upside down and shoot a cannonball into it with an increased amount of gunpowder.


This time the gel fell off the desk.

The trajectory of the recorded shell looks like this. It appears that the first shell left inside the vessel was hit and the trajectory deviated upwards.

The shell was broken in two.

This is what it looks like when observed in super slow motion. First, the shell reaches the gel.

Push forward vigorously.

It came into contact with the first shell that was left inside.

The first shell deflected downward, and the second shell deflected upward.

Reach the exit of the gel.

The shell split into two as it flew out of the gel.

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