Shooting with super slow motion of 187,000 fps showing how the rifle explodes due to the wrong amount of ammunition gives a surprising result

The Slow Mo Guys , a YouTube channel that shoots various phenomena in slow motion, collaborated with Kentucky Ballistics , a firearms YouTube channel, to release `` A video of a rifle exploding in slow motion ''. .

Gun Exploding at 187,000fps Ft @KentuckyBallistics-The Slow Mo Guys-YouTube

Two people from The Slow Mo Guys are shown on the screen.

This time, in collaboration with Scott, a firearms YouTuber who runs Kentucky Ballistics, we will shoot `` how the rifle explodes ''.

The phenomenon in which a bullet explodes unintentionally when shooting a gun or rifle is commonly called

an accidental discharge , but to be precise, an accidental discharge is 'a phenomenon in which a bullet is fired unintentionally'. Exploding without firing normally is called a cavity fire . If a cavity fire occurs while holding a handgun or rifle, serious injury is inevitable, and cavity fire is one of the most feared accidents for those who handle firearms. Scott, who is used to handling firearms, was seriously injured in April 2021 when the Rn-50, an objective rifle from rifle maker Serbu, erupted.

So this time, under the supervision of Mr. Scott, I dared to increase the amount of gunpowder packed in the bullet, explode the rifle, and shoot the situation with slow motion video. Mr. Scott seems to have conducted experiments to explode various firearms since the accident.

The first thing to explode is the ' AR-15 ', a small-caliber automatic rifle that is also deployed in the US military.

It is said that it explodes by stuffing more than the specified amount of gunpowder into the bullet.

Also, this time, in order to make sure it explodes, we put obstacles in the barrel to prevent the bullet from being fired.

In fact, there have been cases where bullets with defects such as insufficient gunpowder are jammed in the barrel, and the next bullet is fired without noticing it and explodes.

For this shoot, I use

a Phantom TMX 7510 high-speed camera. Of course, it takes a considerable distance from the exploding gun and pulls the trigger remotely.

Set the gun and hook the rope to the trigger.

The gun exploded as the trigger was pulled, and the parts shattered into pieces.

Some of the shattered guns flew several meters away.

The barrel is completely torn, and about the front half is miserably rolling.

According to Scott, it can be inferred that the bullet exploded just around here.

The trigger still seems to work.

Let's take a look at the video we took together.

When playing at 1000fps (1000 frames per second), you can see how the barrel blows off with the explosion.

Looking at the zoom looks like this.

Next, try playing at 82,000 fps.

First of all, an explosion occurred near the base of the barrel.

The explosion travels to the bottom and blows out the magazine.

And the whole gun shattered into pieces.

Next up is a

Remington bolt-action rifle chambered in the .300 Winchester Short Magnum .

Set and hook the rope on the trigger.

When the trigger was pulled, it exploded and the parts were blown away without a trace.

Immediately after the explosion, you can see that the parts are hitting the ground with tremendous momentum.

Some of the smaller rifles were falling here and there.

Let's take a look at the footage of the explosion.

Even at 1000fps, you can clearly see the flames blowing out at the time of the explosion.

If you look closely, you can also see something like gas blowing out from the tip. Bullets were not fired due to obstacles, but gas may have leaked from the gap due to the impact of the explosion.

Next, slow motion video at 187,000 fps.


A flame blows out and the parts in the central part break into pieces.

It seems that the flame spread quite widely.

The center part looked like this.

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