The Federation of American Scientists claimed that an ``accident in which the US military's nuclear bomb broke'' may have occurred at a Dutch base, and the Pentagon denies that it is a ``training dummy''

On April 3, 2023, the Federation of American Scientists, a non-governmental organization (NGO) formed by nuclear scientists who participated in the Manhattan Project, inspects damaged nuclear weapons at a military base in the Netherlands. I have published a photo to. In response to the indication that a nuclear weapon accident may have occurred at a European base that stores US military nuclear weapons, the US Department of Defense denied that the photo was not a real nuclear weapon.

Was There a US Nuclear Weapons Accident At a Dutch Air Base? – Federation Of American Scientists

'Damaged nuclear bomb' at Dutch base was dummy weapon, Pentagon says |

Below is a picture of the problem. According to the Federation of American Scientists, the missile-like weapon in the photo is believed to be the B61 , developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory as an aircraft-mountable nuclear bomb. The weapon is heavily bent and the hole is covered with pink tape. Also, one tail is missing.

Two personnel sitting on the floor examining the weapon wear armbands reading 'EOD'. This means they are both Explosive Ordnance Disposal. In addition, the document held by the employee standing to the left appears to have a red dotted pattern similar to classified documents that have been declassified under the US Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). .

The photo in question was included in a 2022 presentation given to job-seeking students by the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The date and time the photo was taken is unknown, but the Federation of American Scientists believes it may have been taken at Volkel airbase in the Netherlands.

One of the supporting documents is below. This is an image of a tweet

posted in 2022 as a photo of Princess Katarina-Amalia of the Netherlands visiting Volkel Air Base, and the appearance of the walls and lighting is very similar to the photo of the nuclear weapon above. In addition, there is an underground weapons storage system 'WS3' installed to store the nuclear bomb 'B61' at the foot.

Additionally, a video accompanying a tweet by the commander of the 312th Squadron at Volkel Air Force Base reaffirming his determination to defend NATO on the one year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine also shows the first photo and A very similar background is reflected. In this video, you can also see how the mushroom cloud-printed visor attached to the helmet has been removed in the next cut, probably to avoid giving the wrong message.

Volkel Air Base is one of six bases in five EU countries storing B61 nuclear bombs as part of a nuclear sharing agreement with the United States. Of the 100 total B61 nuclear bombs in Europe, 10-15 are believed to be deployed at the Volkel airbase.

According to experts, the B61 is an obsolete bomb and has been advocated that it should be pulled out of Europe in order to minimize the impact and achieve disarmament. In response to this, the Obama administration was considering withdrawing its nuclear bombs, but it ran into difficulties due to opposition from some EU member states who believed that the US ' nuclear umbrella ' was a symbol of their own protection. With the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014, the plan was scrapped. Instead, it is decided that the B61 will be modernized, and the latest version 'B61-12' will be brought to Europe in the near future.

The U.S. Air Force in Europe and the Los Alamos National Laboratory declined to comment to the Federation of American Scientists, but a Pentagon spokesman said in a statement after the article was published that 'every military installation has a contingency team and The team has to train together. The photo was posted in the recruitment manual as a pattern of that training.' Denied that the photo was not of a real nuclear accident.

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