A movie that makes a big explosion by wearing a rubber band on a watermelon

It is a movie of a large experiment that keeps watermelon on the watermelon as many times as possible and breaks the watermelon with its power ... or that makes it flicker. Although it does not mean a deep meaning, the expression of the two girls wearing rubber while thinking carefully is very enjoyable.

Rubber bands vs Water Melon - The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube

What is challengingGavin FreeWithDaniel GruchyMr.

I will sprinkle rubber bands one by one for small watermelon.

As expected it is fast-forward on the way ... ...

In 20 minutes

The shape of watermelon has changed a bit in portrait

I tried putting on the next rubber band ... ...

Domunku! And watermelon exploded

Stop the camera that was shooting high speed immediately.

You can see the previous sequence with slow motion.

First, cracks and breaks enter around the head of watermelon ... ...

Subsequently, the rubber band gouged the watermelon at a stretch ... ...

The upper and lower parts of the watermelon are separated, and the parts above are crushed ... ...

It shattered with shudder

Watermelon parts should be left in the ring rubber ball, but it is shrinking and can not be checked.

The bottom is cut cleanly and remains

At the time of re-challenge, Mr. Gavin evacuated by feeling a sign of watermelon exploding.

Immediately after that, the watermelon broke into a huge ... ...


It is splendidly splendid

At the end pose with a watermelon exploding in order to take a commemorative photograph of a change face.

It seems that the watermelon used for the experiment was eaten by two people

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