The scene where the moment when the huge water balloon covering the body breaks was shot at 1000 fps is a masterpiece

The YouTube channel '

The Slow Mo Guys ', which creates many slow-motion movies, has released the moment when a huge human-sized water balloon breaks at 4K / 1000fps.

Giant Balloon Sandwich in Slow Motion --The Slow Mo Guys --YouTube

These two are Gab (left) and Dan (right), the main personalities of The Slow Mo Guys.

This time, the two will handle water balloons. It seems that Dan is sandwiched between two huge water balloons and the moment when the water balloon breaks is shot with a 4K 1000fps high-speed camera.

The two are also

planning to jump on a water balloon in 2018, and this time it is a challenge that goes one step further.

First of all, Dan lying on an inflated water balloon. 'It's pretty comfortable,' he said. Place a second water balloon on your stomach and pour more and more water.

The water balloon swells up to cover the body ...

The water balloon on which Dan was riding burst to bear the weight.

Immediately, the two people check the image from the camera. The moment the red water balloon broke is like this, and you can see that the balloon broke in an instant.

Then challenge again.

The moment of cracking is like this. A crack in the water balloon causes it to shrink in an instant ...

A lump of water remains behind. It looks like Dan's body has been floating in the air for a while after the water balloon broke.

Dan also has this face.

It was said that a new project using water balloons might appear in the future.

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