A movie that shot the slow motion when the person enters into a huge water balloon and the balloon breaks

A movie has been released that features a slow motion shooting moment when a male enters into a huge water balloon and water is poured until the balloon is charged and the balloon is broken by water pressure. I made a movieBig explosion spreading rubber bands on watermelonLet movies,Falling water jumps aroundWe shoot the state in slow motion and publish it on YouTubeThe Slow Mo Guysis.

6ft Man in 6ft Giant Water Balloon - 4K - The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube

Daniel and Gavin of "The Slow Mo Guys" challenge experiments of a human water balloon.

A hose is inserted from around the side of Daniel 's flank, and water is gradually poured into the balloon. The balloon is a huge one bulging to 6 feet in diameter (about 180 cm), and Daniel's height is just 6 feet.

For the experiment, Daniel first started from placing a foot on a rubber balloon.

I sit in the ground and I put both feet into the balloon. The mouth of the balloon is quite small, and Daniel seems to be painful when his legs are tightened.

I inserted a hose into the balloon and Mr. Daniel got up. It looks as if you are wearing huge rubber boots with both feet.

Water will flow from the hose into the balloon more and more. Daniel says that the sun was hot, pulling out the pants one by one from the balloon and taking off their pants.

I pulled out my foot from the balloon and took off my T - shirt and it became one pants. In the meantime balloons will expand more and more.

Daniel once again thrusts both feet into the balloon.

However, I lost my balance on the way and I will screw my body into the balloon while asking Gavin for help.

Mr. Daniel who put the lower half of the ball into the balloon while twisting his waist. My belly is tightened in the mouth of the balloon, with a looking bitterness.

While tapping balloons with both hands, Daniel who laughs loudly saying "My lower body is getting pocketed!"

As the balloon bulges, I will put the entire body inside the balloon. Gavin pulled out the balloon's border and put Daniel's right shoulder inside the balloon ......

The left shoulder fits all the way into the balloon in the same way.

Daniel who became a balloon man from the neck down.

Mr. Gavin will spread the blue sheet a little so as not to damage the plant in the garden.

The amount of water in the balloon has gradually increased, and it looks like a slime.

Feeling like rice cake when stretching your feet.

Dr. Mr. Gavin told me "It looks like a slug!", Daniel caught your head.

Even if the face itches it can not be painted on its own, so Gavin replaces the temple with polypoly.

Look around the trekking around ... ...

While sprinkling his face in the balloon, wait for the balloon to inflate.

When laughing with "Gahaha!" ......

Suddenly, the balloon began to make a sound "Pearn!" And it exploded.

In a moment 's event, Mr. Daniel.

Then we pull out the hose while laughing.

"Look! The bluesheet has been in vain! Gahaha!"

And while watching the slow motion movie shot, they are two again to laugh.

The moment the water balloon exploded, it was shot at 1000 fps / 4K image quality using the high speed camera "Phantom FLEX". At first Daniel 's back blown up and it exploded ... ...

A crack runs from the left to the right of the balloon.

The balloon cracks into two in the top and bottom, and the water in it pops out.


Water jumps out of the balloon and spreads around like a jellyfish.

Water bounces off the blue sheet 's borders, and it also raises splashes with Basha.

Zoom in to surprised face Daniel.

Mr. Gavin said "Slow motion movies must be named as one of the most amazing movies shot at 4K quality." It was a movie that seemed to be somewhat refreshed when I looked at the hot summer days.

In addition, before the introduction of 4K photography technology, there are original images captured by The Slow Mo Guys on the giant water balloon and the moment when the balloon cracks in slow motion, can be seen from the following.

Giant 6ft Water Balloon - The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube

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