Put water in the condom and watch the moment you hit it from your head in slow motion

The “

Condom Challenge ” is a mystery ritual that water was dropping into the panpan on the head, which was conducted to raise awareness of safe sex. The Slow Mo Guys , who have been able to see the super slow movie of the various events in ultra-high-speed shooting, let us see the condom challenge moment in super slow, and what kind of wind the condom is bloated in? It is possible to carefully observe how it moves.

Condom Challenge-The Slow Mo Guys-YouTube

Condoms will be challenged by Gavin and Daniel from The Slow Mo Guys.

The condom called

MAGNUM XL Lubricated Condoms is used.

According to the product page, 'Dakee!' Said Daniel, '30% more than a regular-sized condom', and excited.

Immediately pour plenty of water into the huge condom ...

Drop it from above your head.

It is shaped like a round balloon until you touch the head ...

If you hit your head, it will change its shape ......

The condom covers your head. The water spouting from the front of the condom highlights the surreal.

The entire condom falls to the shoulder area ...

My face was wrapped in a condom.

Daniel strikes the condom with pepsipes by hand, but the condom filled with water does not break. It is a pretty strong impression. In the movie, you can see the moment when you drop the condom in slow motion and normal playback, but if you look at the normal playback and then slow motion, you can clearly see that it is a very momentary event until you get in the condom.

Drop the condom water balloon on your head from the same position again.

While the water in the condom is squeezing as before, ......

It will pool under your chin.

Shaped like peanuts.

This is the same as before, so Mr. Gavin's condom in the water pool ...

I will break.

The moment it strikes, the water bursts and scatters more widely than expected.

And Daniel, who has had his face covered in a condom left over.

When Daniel blows a breath in the condom ...

The end of the rubber came up to the bottom of the nose and I could breathe. This also feels relatively long when viewed in the super slow, but since it is a momentary event that is less than one second in normal playback, it is surprising with the performance of the high-speed camera that can capture such momentary events in detail.

I was able to shoot more interesting motion than the first time, and Daniel is also a happy expression.

At the end put a chair ...

I cast a condom water balloon on Daniel who fell on it.

The falling condom bomb.

Hit the face.

Then, water flows from the opening of the condom, and the condom that has swelled in a circle changes to a slender shape.

And it almost squeezed Daniel's neck when it became a string.

Daniel has a look that seems to be painful for a moment ...

The opening in the condom drains the water, making it lighter and jumping up.

The condom completely falls from the face and the experiment ends.

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