The appearance of shooting gallium melted in muddy at 1000 fps is full of a different world feeling

The YouTube channel '

The Slow Mo ', which creates many slow-motion movies of images taken with a 1000 fps high-speed camera of metal ' gallium ' whose melting point is 29.8 degrees and melts just by placing it on a person's hand. Guys 'is open to the public.

Inside a Liquid Mirror Vortex in Slow Mo --The Slow Mo Guys --YouTube

These two are The Slow Mo Guys' main personality gab (left side) and Dan (right side).

This time, the two will handle gallium. The two are melting gallium into muddy to create a gallium vortex with a mixer, and are trying to capture the situation with a camera from above.

Although gallium is not very toxic, it is corrosive, making metals such as aluminum brittle, and can even

erode metal bats . The camera used by the two people this time contains some aluminum, so gallium should not scatter and adhere to the camera.

Therefore, the two responded by covering the camera with masking tape.

Attach this camera to a large robot arm. This robot arm is programmed to descend with the camera when the mixer is activated and a vortex is created, so that the state of gallium can be captured safely and accurately.

And the gallium put in the container is installed. Now you are ready.

Dan manually clicks the switch on the mixer.

Gallium that scatters vigorously.

Then the camera thrusts at the gallium.

A part of the shot video looks like this. The gallium that reflects the glitter and light is spinning around.

You can check it more clearly as the camera gets closer. It moves in a way that is clearly different from water, and looks like a film on the surface.

Next, I changed my mind and decided to deepen the depth of field and shoot deeper. A light of 100,000 lumens is also available and ready to go.

Below is a part of the video taken in this way. It looks like it's in a cave.

Finally, the two photographed with a light that emits colorful colors.

Looking at the footage they shot, the two expressed their impressions of being 'terrifying' and 'psychedelic.'

In addition, there were traces of gallium scattered around the shooting equipment, and Gab joked, 'It looks like the (terminator)

T-1000 sneezes at a nightclub.'

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