A slow-motion movie that makes full use of chemical reactions to create a 'rainbow-colored tornado of flames' is a masterpiece

A reaction that exhibits a specific color such as red or yellow when a substance burns is called a

flame reaction. The Slow Mo Guys on the YouTube channel, who have created slow-motion movies such as 'the moment when an airbag explodes ' and ' the moment when a bullet is smashed with an ono ', create a movie that creates a rainbow-colored tornado using such a flame reaction. It is open to the public.

Slow Mo Rainbow Fire Tornado --The Slow Mo Guys --YouTube

Gavin Free of The Slow Mo Guys appeared at the beginning of the movie. Mr. Free holds a plastic container containing some liquid in his hand.

In addition, Mr. Free seems to be preparing a blower equipped with a large fan.

It is a strategy to arrange this fan in a circle and create a tornado-shaped wind.

The plastic container that Mr. Free had contained

an aqueous solution of strontium chloride , boric acid , copper chloride, and calcium chloride , and these aqueous solutions were 'strontium chloride: red,' 'boric acid: green,' and 'copper chloride: respectively. Shows the flame reaction of 'blue' and 'calcium chloride: orange'. Mr. Free pours the aqueous solution into a bucket surrounded by fans.

Then, ignite the burner by igniting it toward the bucket. The subtitles below are 'Please do not imitate at home'.

When the aqueous solution is ignited, the green flame rises first ...

It will soon turn blue or red.

And when I started the fan, the flame became a tornado. The flame is whitish with a mixture of colors such as blue, green, and red.

You can see the height of the flame by checking the place where the tornado of flame and Mr. Free are lined up.

The flames appear whitish in the movie shot at 1x speed, but if you check the movie shot with the slow motion camera, you can see that the green and yellow flames are mixed.

Flames of various colors such as blue, green, yellow, and red are swirling around.

You can check the slow motion movie that actually captures the state of the tornado of rainbow-colored flames from various angles from around

1 minute 37 seconds or 4 minutes 56 seconds of the released movie.

Slow Mo Rainbow Fire Tornado --The Slow Mo Guys --YouTube

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