Domino's fascination with filming technique, domino's mysterious drawing work movie

"Domino" which arranges small pieces comfortably in a large form can be called a representative work of a work that requires perseverance, but a movie that expresses an interesting movement by combining such domino and camera photography technology is called "FlippyCat"The Amazing Domino Etch A Sketch"is.

The Amazing Domino Etch A Sketch - YouTube

We have two gray boards and two basin-like vessels in a large place like a studio.

I started arranging red dominoes around the board.

Surrounded all around ... ....

Also arrange dominoes finely around the washbowl. The moment of tension that everything seems to be ruined if the finger touches "Chon".

Soon, like a television, things like game machines are completed. What on earth is this ...?

Next moment when a man placed his hands on the basin ......

A black Domino was displayed on the gray "Screen" part. Moreover, the movement seems to be synchronized with the movement of the hand of the men turning the washbowl.

Looking closely, turning the washbowl on the left makes domino move to the left and right, turning right turns to move up and down. Apparently this was a handle to draw a picture using Domino.

Draw around by turning handle. Drawing a curve is also a hand.

A line is drawn one after another. It is a movement that looks like an animation, but in reality it turns the steering wheel a little and takes the dominoes one by one and moves them to the last movie. Work that is distracting is done.

When switching to the angle from above it looks like this. A building like a castle is drawn.

A thing like a central tower is drawn ... ...

The castle is nearly completed.

When Domino comes to the bottom left of the screen ......

In addition, arrange white dominoes to the outside of the screen.

After finishing listing all the domino ... ...

Defeat Domino with your finger, "Domino, Go!"

Domino which runs with great momentum. The castle part also falls and falls.

When the castle's black Domino reaches the end ......

This time to the part of the red frame.


Next time around the main body ... Next time ...

To the white line extending to the left.

Before that the colorful Domino was lined up.

A real castle in front of Domino goes on. Please enjoy playing the movie by all means ending of pleasure.

At the end of the movie, "NG collection" as promised is also included. I was looking at the state of work in which my perseverance was required, and it was a video that seemed to be exhausted unexpectedly.

FlippyCat's YouTube channel that also contains this movie has more line of domino images. It is a content that seems to have unintentionally misunderstood in any of the powerful work.

FlippyCat - YouTube

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