Tchaikovsky's 'Dance of the Spirit of Smith' and three sleds falling completely synchronize movies

" Line Rider " is a Flash game that gained popularity on the net around 2006, a person who got on a sled slipping on a line drawn with a pen on the screen. Sori moved according to the laws of physics, pleasantly pleasantly driving sleds by making jumping benches and pulling accelerating lines attracted many Internet users. A movie that is made using such Line Rider is combined with Tchaikovsky 's "Dance of Precious Spirits" on the YouTube.

Dance of the Line Riders

Treble clef and Heonkigou from between, warp will start.

The timing when Sori descends a step to Gatangotongon is synchronizing with the start of "Dance of fine Spiritsu" called "Dung, Cha, Da, Cha". It is a sign of Mezzopiano that is written above the sled.

As we go a little, the second sled falls from overhead ... ...

It fly and collides on the line matching the timing with the melodic line played by Celesta . In the fine dance of Kinspyeong, he introduced the cheressta which was just invented at that time into the songs as quickly as possible, and Tchaikovsky said that "When not to be known to other composers" when ordering instruments, the mystery of Celesta I make the best use of the sound.

At last the second sled was turned upside down.

And two friends dropped together. Timing when you hit an aerial line on the way is a melody and Don Pissha.

At first glance, the line that looks like a curved line is a combination of straight lines and you can see that it is tightly linked with the change of sound. Since Sori moves based on the law of physics to the last, you can not move it exactly without having to calculate the position and length of the line, the speed of the warp and the position energy etc. perfectly.

While keeping the two sleds apart without leaving a distance, lightly run around the course.

I learn even refreshing scenes that fall down while bouncing. It seems that the thirteen bars of the song are being written that "13" is written in the air.

Sled is falling ... ....

Jump brilliantly using the jumping table.

Even though they hit the ground and kill and accelerate the momentum, all the timings are synchronized with the songs.

Then, the third sled appears from overhead.

It was three cars that showed unusual movement ... ...

Suddenly the third machine dropped to the bottom of the course.

Then the second unit also dropped.

It is the first sled that has become a single line ... ...

From the jump table which is overlooked at the bottom of the screen ......

The 3rd warp revived its return.

The 1st and 3rd show alternating small jumps and show breathable Sori judgment.

Then from the bottom ... ...

The second warp jumped up. Apparently she seems to have slipped a huge jumping platform at the invisible part.

Three sleds will show off ultra-high difficulty technique that decides to jump alternately.

Sori who became two again accelerates and runs according to the most exciting part of music.

The 3rd car that jumped out from the rear accelerated and joined, and the line flew and jumped on the course which became increasingly complicated.

I do not know whether it is no longer slipping or falling down, but none of them will jump out of the screen without any meaning, and will proceed according to the melody.

Even on a course that seemed to fall accidentally, it was devised so that sledding would not fall by slight inclination.

Three cars dropped from the people with the climax of the song ......

Collision at one point with matching timing. I even remember the emotions.

Colliding sled and human fall apart and fall ... ...

Humans and sled are caught in a line and slide with a slurp.

The course which was falling apart finally became the end of the staff score.

Creator DoodleChaos is a person who produces various Pitagora switch-like movies. From the following YouTube channels, you can see various movies created by DoodleChaos.

DoodleChaos - YouTube

In addition, Line Rider can play from the following link.

Line Rider

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