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A special trailer of the movie " Penguin Highway " released on Friday, August 17, 2018 was released. Utada Hikaru's "Good Night" which is the theme song, it shows the adventure of one summer.

"Penguin Highway" Special Trailer - YouTube

© 2018 Mori Mito Mihiko · KADOKAWA / "Penguin · Highway" Production Committee

Complete set of works The material collection is already on sale.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

The tableware sponge has become colonies of bacteria, boiling treatment is meaningless, when visualizing bacterial breeding it looks like this - GIGAZINE

Is "AI that has reached its own language usage" that exposes humanity to a crisis? - GIGAZINE

NASA is looking for "Planet Protector" to protect the earth from extraterrestrial virus and not contaminate other planets, salary is about 20 million yen at maximum - GIGAZINE

Looking at the grand festival PL fireworks art from the observation deck in the tallest building in Japan was a better appreciation spot than imagined - GIGAZINE

"Where humans can not live" that still remains even after 100 years after the end of the war - GIGAZINE

What is the latest "hacking submarine" lurking in the deep ocean where people's hands do not intercept, intercept, tamper with communications - GIGAZINE

Mrs Curie's research note still radiates radiation even after 100 years have passed - GIGAZINE

I tried to eat the top five eating logs in Kagawa Prefecture to know the essence of udon - GIGAZINE

Protection by copyright does not disseminate books but "disappears" conversely - GIGAZINE

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【Summer Vacation Children's Science Telephone Consultation 180802】 If you find a fossil of dinosaurs you can name yourself? Small 1 Sawayama's question on teacher melono - Togetter

"Approaching the Origin of Japanese" To Yaei's Bone DNA Analysis | NHK News

By the time I was in elementary school # Summer vacation Children science behind the scenes the one who asked the phone consultation speaks "Thanks to that teacher I am still fond of space science" - Togetter

Waseda University, University of Tokyo, Nara University ranked number one in the "library ranking" with holding down Hitotsubashi University <dot.> | AERA dot. (Aeradot)

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Tokyo Medical University, uniformly deducting female candidates ... Suppressing number of candidates: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

According to stakeholders, Tokyo University of Medicine (Tokyo) conducted a general entrance examinations at the faculty of medicine department of medicine in February this year, scored points for examinees of females uniformly and kept the number of successful candidates suppressed. Operations unfavorable to girls only continued from around 2011 without any explanation by the examinees. It is extremely unusual for arbitrary operations targeting gender to be revealed at university general entrance examination and it is likely to call for discussion.

In surgery female doctor shun "" Three women and one man ": Society: Yomiuri Online (YOMIURI ONLINE)

According to this official, suppression of girls passed by the same university began around 2011. It is because the number of successful girls in the general entrance examination of the medical department of 10 years reached 69% and 38% of the total (181 people). Most of the graduates who passed the doctor's national exam will work in a line of hospitals. In surgery with many emergency surgery and irregular working system, female doctors tend to be avoided, he says that the word "three women and one man" is whispering.

Medical School entrance examination "girls are more disadvantageous than boys" backside common sense | President Online


According to a number of medical senior executives, there seems to be an additional point due to marginalization and donation in some private medical universities at present. However, it remains within the scope of essays, interviews and so on. The aim of medical college is to obtain a doctor's license. Because there is no room for fraud in this exam, it is too high risk for both students and medical schools to act on Muriyari medical school by a great extent. Due to this incident, the impact of Tokyo University of Medicine such as the deterioration of the image of the university and the decrease in the number of candidates is immeasurable.

Tokyo Medical University: The uniform reduction of girls' acceptance acceptance, additional points for boys - Mainichi Shimbun

Topics | JAMP | Japan Women's Medical Association

Unfair discrimination entrance examination for girls "Never admit" ... Philosophy minister: Politics: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Discovery in shopping street runaway cars in Nara prefecture by patrol car tracking | NHK News

Sharp's April-June quarter, net income 33% increase Medium small panel healthy: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Mr. Tanigawa with homosexual "Hobbyistic things" net program: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker Tanigawa and the House of Representatives Tomokawa (42) = Proportional Kinki, winning twice = = On July 29 Internet broadcasting shows that the legislation for gay marriage is unnecessary, with homosexuality in mind " Hobby "like things". Sugita vein over the same-sex couple (Mio) The criticism of the House of Representatives's argument is rising, the unresponsive remark to homosexuals continued.

The prime minister has not met, he does not say ... Official residence that will lie down / deny: Asahi Shimbun Digital

A fact that I met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was confused and the prime minister's office denies it one after another. Remarks that the prime minister told during the visit may be denied later. The attitude to "not having happened" may lead to distrust of politics.

Mr. Sugita's issue: What is the idea of ​​the prime minister? Office "Respond to refrain" - Mainichi Newspapers

How do you think about Mr. Sugita's argument and the qualities as a member of the LDP as the top of the LDP? Is Mr. Sakurai's story a fact? The Mainichi Shimbun applied for an interview with Mr. Abe's office, but he refused, "I refrain from answering about this kind of problem." Just to be sure, I also applied for the interview to Mr. Sakurai, "We are sick with a cold, I am also busy, so I can not take the time" and I received a notice e-mail.

About Our Party's Policy on LGBT | Policy | News | Liberal Democratic Party

Regarding the contribution of the Sugita water lawmen this time, it is also a fact that there is an expression that lacks understanding of the problem and consideration for concerned people, although it is a personal opinion, I was instructed to do.

An opinion that the Liberal Democratic Party guides Legislature Sugita "Consideration is not considered": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Liberal Democratic Party's Sugita water vein (Mio) House of Representatives member (51) = Proportional Chinese, winning twice = contributed to the monthly magazine, with the same sex couples in mind, saying "We do not make children, that is, there is no" productivity " On the 2nd, the party posted a party opinion that he instructed Mr. Sugita to pay attention to Mr. Sugita, saying, "There is a lack of understanding of the problem and consideration of stakeholders." It is extremely unusual for the party to announce its views over the issue of Representative Representatives.

Prime Minister "Respect for Human Rights and Diversity Naturally" Mr. Sugita Contributed Frustrated: Asahi Shimbun Digital

On the issue that claimed that the Liberal Democratic Party's Sugita water vein (Mio) House of Representatives (51) = Proportional Chinese, winning twice = in mind the same-sex couple, "I do not make children, that is, there is no" productivity ", etc. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe "I think that it will be natural to pursue aiming to create a society in which human rights are respected and respect for diversity, which is also the policy of the government and ruling parties."

Putin's support rate, from 80% to 30% What is it? | World | Latest Articles | Newsweek Japanese Official Site

The popularity of the ruling party and unified Russia boasting the largest power of the Russian Congress is that of Putin. However, when the movement of the parliament that announces the reform plan to raise the age of starting pension just before the opening of the World Cup (World Cup) of football and announces the movement of the parliament trying to pass it quickly, all opinion polls will support Unified Russia and Putin The rate dropped sharply.

According to the All-Russia Public Opinion Survey Center (WCIOM), in the latest data, the approval rating for Unified Russia, which strongly promoted government reform plans, fell to 37%. Very close to the lowest record 34.4% recorded in 2011.

The drop in support rate to the Putin administration was even more intense, 31.1%. Surveys by other state-run search agencies and independent Lebeda centers have similar results.

LAWSON: 12% of the highest level of canned chu-hi - Mainichi Newspaper

Lawson, a major convenience store, began selling canned chu-hi with an alcohol content of 12%. It is regarded as the highest level of can as Chu Hai currently on the market at "Super Strong 12 Lemon" of Japan Sangalia Beverage Company (Higashi-Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka City). Of the convenience store "Poplar" that is partnering with capital business with LAWSON across the country, we sell only about 13,000 shops that handle alcoholic beverages.

A sarcastic sarcasm sandwiched between men under the Yamanote line seat? Overturning, temporary driving prematureness - Sankei news

Focus: Overthrowing Amazon, Wal-Mart Challenges Last Mile Delivery Wall | Reuters

Art museum: Government initiative to "make money" calm down to ripple strikes - Mainichi Shimbun

The government's "Leading Museum" (advanced museum) concept is rippling. It is a content to strengthen the organization by designating an art museum which plays a leading role in revitalizing the art market by planning and holding an exhibition that raises the international value of Japanese art. "National Museum of Art Conference" (President Tateki Hatake) made at 389 public and private art museum published a statement criticizing such move in June. Where are the museums in Japan going?

Sakai 9 year assault death: a few days before the death, thanking my mother a brochure on the classroom attendance - the Mainichi Newspaper

Suspected killing a 9 year old eldest, arrested parents bursting, bursting strongly: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Evacuation instruction was hotline that could not be made 5 minutes before mass release | Nikkei x TECH (Cross Tech)

Consider raising the US administration, the tariff rate to China to 25% Photo 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

About the result of the protest to the close-up Hyundai + and the result of the subsequent consultation | Media posting | Activities of refugee support association - Certified NPO Association for Refugee Association / Japan Association for Refugees

CNN.co.jp: Congo, Ebola reexamination of blood bleeding Re-confirmation One week before the end of the declaration

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Why is Chile so slender south-south - Togetter

"I live in Japan, but I am happy, I am happy, I was able to make a wedding ceremony, I have a job, a job, I have friends" What's wrong with talking about model · minority and dual identity - who's belonging to the rainbow flag

While waiting for the signal, Oka of Osaka who does not know at all know "I'm doing my best!" And I was given money ... I got something besides money, etc. experiences one after another - Togetter

Camper is popular for foreign travelers! | NHK News

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Saitama Prefectural Police: Publicize a TV program without permission Public high school students and five documents sent for inspection - Mainichi Newspaper

Saitama prefectural police cyber crime measures division announced on the 2nd, a boy's high school student (17) in Nagoya city and an office worker in Ueda-shi, Nagano Prefecture on July 2, saying that he uploaded illegally uploaded movies of TV programs recorded and so on to the Internet video posting site "YouTube" The man (48) and five other men announced that they sent documents for alleged violation of the copyright law.

Linear algebra for engineers Learn fundamental mathematics of universities seriously (Nakai Etsushi) | Sho-hen's book

It is a book that explained the "linear algebra" learned by science and engineering college students from the fundamentals for people who want to "study mathematics" which supports machine learning once again "for those who want to study hardly again.

■ Characteristics of this document · Of the three fields of machine mathematics supporting machine learning, it is possible to learn linear algebra in order (preliminary "Basic Analytics for Engineers", Prospecting Probability "Probability Statistics for Engineers Sister's education. "These three volumes allow you to learn three fields of university mathematics)
· Based on definitions and theorems, we carefully explain the strictly developed discussion (easy to understand for beginners)
· Preparing exercises for deepening understanding at the end of each chapter

■ Audience · Engineer who wishes to study mathematics learned from the foundation once again in the 1st and 2nd year of university ※ knowledge of high school mathematics in science is a prerequisite. It can also be used as a textbook for newly learning 1st and 2nd graders of science and engineering science.

I tried to prepare the test environment of Vim for pretty bad (for Python)

[Super easy! ] Autoscale with kubernetes

Virtual Summer Vacation


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Game bar, after all no-smart customers talking "Are you OK?" Asahi Shimbun Digital

According to the computer software copyright association, it was 2011 that grasped the existence of the game bar nationwide. "Since then, we've regularly issued warnings to stop the infringement of screening rights," he said. The shop caught this time had warned of the association several times. The prefectural police considered the point that did not follow the warning as malicious and tried to detect it.

Recent editor 's job is to check the cartoons that are buzzing on Twitter or pixiv. "We are abandoning editors to cultivate cartoons", "opinions can not be helped because they can not be sold" gather. - Togetter

On the idea of ​​secondary works in South Korea's Mazinger Z similar character trial (Kiyohara Kiyoshi) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Takagawa Yun, Ozaki Minami, Ohaya Kazumi ... About 30 years ago # Captain Tsubasa witnessed writers crowd collector anthology "Peacefully whom Heisei?" Everyone - Togetter

"Ribbon no fukuro" girls' cartoon chronicle - memorial squid

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Hikikomori is "Shan Time" | Hikikomori Crisis "1 million people" survival | NHK NEWS WEB

Ms. Akiko Nakagawa who had a history of bullying as a junior high school student. At that time, while I thought "I want to die, it is painful", I say that the experience at that time is being utilized for the present activity. I asked Ms. Nakagawa, who says "Hikikomoru has a very meaningful time to absorb nutrition".

"You do not draw a picture, do not you think?"

I heard about Tsunami Takano, "What is the hot summer measure?" "Is there a possibility of hosting the Kyocera Dome?"

Movie and drama, Tokai Location Continually Dottakan less traffic convenience: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Russian police releases punk band members who broke into the football World Cup final 5 photos International News: AFPBB News

Koshien finished in summer prefecture exclusively] Baseball] Summary Taro!

About Uchikawa, Murata retirement Comment: Anything else Stadium @ N J Summary

Hawk @ Hawks Summary Blog: 【public notice】 Ryoma Matsuda registers 1 Army Registry 2 Asahi deregisters

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"Mini Cup" Caramel Truffle "September 18, 2018 | Haagen Dazs Japan

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