A movie that shows what happens when you see the moment of 'empty gun' in super slow motion

The Slow Mo Guys on the YouTube channel posted a movie that captured the moment of shooting a blank with an ultra-high precision slow motion camera that can shoot 82,000 frames per second.

The Explosive Power of Blanks at 82,000FPS-The Slow Mo Guys #slowmotion-YouTube

Personality Gab (left) and Dan (right) appeared.

This time we're going to use blank cartridges that don't contain bullets. Left is after use, right is before use. Even though it is a blank cartridge, it contains gunpowder inside, so care must be taken when handling it.

Fire this towards the raw egg.

It looks like this in slow motion. You can see the gunpowder blowing out of the muzzle.

After that, the shock wave completely shattered the egg.

You can clearly see

the muzzle flash in the image taken from the back diagonally.

This time I fired at Ham.

First, a shock wave is transmitted to the ham.

After that, the ham will be torn so that it crumbles from the center.

It blew away completely.

When you shoot from the back side, you can see something different. The gunpowder released from the muzzle spreads and seems to have made a hole in the ham.

After that, the meat is shattered with the impact.

Now shoot the water balloon from a point about 1m away.

As before, impact and gunpowder reach the water balloon.

Since it is not a live bullet, the contents of the water balloon itself were not affected so much, and the water fell as it was without scattering.

The two concluded the video by saying, 'I think you've learned that even blanks are dangerous. I think you understand, but let's not play around with blanks.'

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