Super slow motion shot moment of glass breaking is too great

The moment of putting water in a condom and bumping from the headYaThe flamethrower injects a flameThe Slow Mo Guys photographing all kinds of phenomena such as slow motion of the phenomenon, has released a picture taken with the super slow motion of 343000 fps as a state of rapidly cooling and destroying the newly heated glass. It is possible to observe the situation that how cracks occur in the glass, which can not be seen absolutely in everyday life, how the collapse will occur.

Glass Explosion at 343,000 FPS! - The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube

The moment the glass breaks, it is a glass measuring cup that I use this time. It is a type with a handle.

Set a high speed camera ......

Hold the weighing cup with complete defense.

The way to crush the glass is to pour water into a lightweight cup heated with a burner and quench it. So, first of all heat the bottom of the cup with a burner.

Pour a little bit of water ... with an syringe there ... ...

Glass crushed and scattered violently with Palence.

Slow motion pictures taken at 28546 fps look like this. When water is poured ......

A crack got in rapidly with the start of water droplets as a starting point.

Like a living thing cracks turn around the entire cup ... ....

It will be difficult to keep shape gradually.

And the glass broke down with Parin.

Looking from the bottom like this.

You can see that the crack in the part where water hits is finest.


Continue the experiment further ...

Now I will look at the slow motion video at 118830 fps.

From where the water has hit, fine cracks spread as if the plant roots on the ground.

I am concerned about how the handle part will break and now we will only heat the handle part.

The picture that shot the breaking moment at 343915 fps looks like the following. A fine crack enters closely inside the glass from the base part, and the transparent one appears white and opaque.

We expanded the range of cracks ... ...

Eventually the entire handle is white and cloudy.

It will become difficult to keep shape as so far, collapse will begin.

How fast is it from cracking glass to collapse? So I will compare it with the situation when the water drop falls.

The moment the water was put on the eyes of a man on the left side. The first drop of water fell near the end of the eyelashes.

Waterdrops do not seem to be moving at all, but during that time the cracks that got into the handle showed spread and you can see that the whole is white and cloudy.

Compared to the moment when the glass cracked and cracked, it became clear how slow the speed to close the eyelids reflectively as water entered the human eye.

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